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Ghulaam 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivani gives her ring as tip to Rangeela. Veer comments Rangeelat that his malkin is so impressed with his dance that she is giving him 50,000 rs worth ring and orders to accept it. Rangeela accepts it and walks. Veer orders to salute malkin and go. Rangeela sadly salutes and leaves room. Maldwali clashes with him and falls. She orders him to get her up. He says she has fallen from his eyes long ago. She orders he has to get her up and says he should take her to gynecologist. He says she should tell her husband. She warns he will take her like he took Shivani, when she can force him to lie on ice, she can do anything.

Rangeela’s insane mother sees mamaji sleeping on her cot and shouts who the hell he is. Balam gives her money and asks to go and get chikki. She leaves.

Veer tells Shivani that his amma wants a grandchild to rule over Berahampur. For him, his amma’s words are final and if she does not bear a child, she knows the consequences.

Veer’s mother brings goat and drops it on mamaji, laughing that he is using her cot and now he will see the drama. Goat urinates on mamaji. Mamaji shouts to get it out. Rangeela comes and controls amma. She asks who is this man sleeping on her cot. Manju says he is her samdhi. Rangeela says mamaji is here as a humanity and nothing else. Mother asks if samdhi is a new game. Rangeela takes her in.

Shivani reminisces Rangeela scolding her and then Veer punishing her and Rangeela, etc. She thinks she should sleep now as she did not yesterday night. She falls asleep on floor. Veer comes and calls baby doll, but she is sound asleep. He looks at match box and smirks, then gets bath tub and lies Shivani in it and fills water. Shivani is still sound asleep. He then increases AC and says he will see till when she will be in cold water. Water starts flooding. Shivani feels cold and shivers, but does not wake up. Veer lifts her in his arms. She opens eyes. He says she was acting as sleeping. She says she woke up when he dropped her in bathtub, she is not afraid, so she slept. She does not want to sleep on his bed, so she is ready to sleep in water.

Ghulaam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Veer challenges Shivani that she will sleep on his bed in 3 days, if she does not, he will shoot himself.

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