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Ghulaam 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 20th April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

Rageela cuts grass and reminisces Shivani’s love and respect for him, she telling she will not slap him or step on him as he is her husband. He revolves grass cutter fast angrily. Balam comes and stops him and says he dropped Shivani and mamaji in Sambar’s train. He says he did not do right by lying to maalik. Rangeela says he respects his amma a lot and even though she is insane, she pampers him when he is in tension. He respects all women and whoever tries to harm their dignity, he will not spare them.

Bhisma orders pandit to check Veer’s kundali and prepare another girl’s kundali for him. He asks Rangeela to get even his kundali and let panditji find a girl for him. Gulguli comments Rangeela should settle himself first and then think of marrying. Pandit checks kundali and says they should not have killed Shivani. Gulguli says she can kill Shivani 50 times if she finds her alive. Pandit says they should keep Shivani’s ashes in home. Bhisma says they did not do Shivani’s last rights and asks him to make another kundali so that Rangeela can pick another girl. Jageer insists he will bring a girl this time. Bhisma laughs on him that is not that courageous to bring a girl and let Rangeela do his job. Gulguli requests Bhisma and he permits Jageer.

Rashmi cries in her room thinking about Shivani’s death. Manmeet tries to console her. She continues crying. He hugs her tightly and says whenever he used to cry in childhood, amma used to hug her tightly. She keeps quiet and parts ways. He says his idea worked.

Jageer speaks with sharp shooter Shera over phone and orders him to kill Rangeela before Veer comes home, he will reward him with huge money. Maldawali hears that and informs Rangeela over phone, but Rangeela ignores her warning. He walks in market and Shera follow him. He sits in a tea shop. Shera sits on opposite chair. Rangeela identifies him and thinks what is he doing here. Shera shoots and Rangeela escapes. Sheera runs, Raneela grabs his neck and warns to tell who sent him, else he will break his neck. Shera says Jageer. Rangeela spares him and reminisces Maldawali’s warning.

Jageer buys a girl from her father and says his daughter will be happy in Berahampur. Girl comes and says she does not want to go to criminal city. Jageer laughs that she will fill her father’s house and go from here. He orders servant to bring a big basket and asks girl to get into it. He reaches haveli. Manmeet stops him and checks basket and sees girl in it. Jageer says she is his bhabhi and he brought her for Veer. Manmeet says before Shivani’s therveen/13th day ritual, he will not let any girl in. Jageer laughs on him and says it is sarkar’s order.

Rangeela walks into home and warns Jageer that he did not do right by send sharp shooter to kill him. Jageer laughs he is not that important to hire a shooter. Rangeela says he caught his shoote and shooter opened up, he spared shooter instead of dragging him in front of sarkar and warns Jageer to be in his limits and stop his foolishness. Maldawali hears from balcony and smiles.


Ghulaam 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela lifts basket and gets into haveli. Gulguli eagerly asks to open it and show girl’s face. Shivani gets out of basket.

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