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Ghulaam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 20th February 2017 video watch online on

Maldawali signs a song Pyar Ko Hojane Do…song waiting for Rangeela. Rangeela comes and asks why did she call her. She says when she was brought here from Malda, she saw hope of love only in him and tries to lure him He pushes her and says he would have showed her worth if she was not from malik’s family. He is worried about Malik’a dignity, else he would have kicked taught her a lesson. He tells his usual one-liner that he can run train without track and get fire on water, etc. and leaves. Maldawali fumes and thinks he will see her real side now.

Rangeela fills petrol in a bike and orders servants to keep ice block on it. He then orders servants to bring charsi/drug addict Manmeet and lay him on ice block. Manmeet resists, but servants forcefully lie him on ice block. Veer tells it is his punishment for tying amma/Gulguli. Manmeet pleads to get him out.

Maldawali comes and tells everyone that it is not Manmeet’s mistake, it is Rangeela’s mistake. If he had not taken leave, Manmeet would not have taken such a big step. Veer angrily calls Rangeela and asks why did he take leave, if he had not taken leave, Manmeet would not have done mistake. Bhisma says same. Veer asks servants to get down Manmeet form ice block and get Rangeela on. Manmeet gets down and apologizes amma and sarkar/Bhisma.

Rangeela goes and sleeps on ice block. Gulguli asks to take some petrol out from bike, else Rangeela will die by morning. Veer says Rangeela did a mistake and should be punished. Rangeela collapses. Bhisma asks Veer to get him down, else he will die. Veer asks servants to get him down and asks to wake up, then throws hot water on Rangeela. Rangeela wakes up. Bhisma forces him to get up and walk and Rangeela walks limping. Shivangi watches silently weeping. Maldawali thinks now Ghulam will not cross his limit.


Ghulaam 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivangi shivers at night sleeping on floor. Veer asks her to come and sleep on bed next to him. She says no. He asks to go get out of his room then.

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