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Ghulaam 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer enjoys liquor and thinks he made Manmeet a drug addict again and he will never cornot again. Gulguli calls and asks if she can come in. He hides liquor bottle under table and asks why she is asking, she can come anytime. She sees liquor bottle and asks what has he done to himself. He says he is fine and asks why did she come at midnight. She says she saw a bad dream that Rangeela has conquered this haveli, so she came to tell him that she is his mother and can be angry on him, but not hate him, she loves him like before, then why they should give an outsider a chance to make them fight. Veer says if Sarkar was present, he would have scolded and correct him. He kneels down and apologizes. Gulguli hugs him emotionally. He says they both will bring back sarkar’s rule and not let Rangeela prosper.

She says he has become alone and should find a girl and marry soon. He says he has to find girls for his panchs and have ordered his boys to kidnap girl.

Maldawali hears their conversation and fumes that sasuma will never change, she will not let any other girl come and trouble her. She goes to her room and tries to get Jageer’s phone, but sees him sleeping on it. She tickles him with her pallu and he turns. She picks phone and calls Rangeela. Rangeela is busy exercising and asks Shivani to switch on speaker. Maldawali flirits with him. Shivani gets jealous. Rangeela asks why did she call him. She says Veer is kidnapping one more girl to make another Shivani and he should stop it. Rangeela takes Shivani’s oath that he will not let this happen.

Veer shows girl’s pic to panch and says he is kidnapping her for him. Panch says his life will change if he gets this girl, asks how did he find this girl. Veer says girl’s father wanted her to get married in Berahampur and demanded 20 lakhs, police officer saw this girl and selected her for his son, but don’t know his men will kidnap her on the way. Panch asks if it is not risky to eye on policeman’s bahu. Veer says nobody can dare to confront him.

Katte calls Veer and informs that he got into Rangeela’s good books and is staying in his house. Veer praises him.

Shivani tells Rangeela that she trust him, but not Maldawali and is worried she will do something. Rangeela assures her that nothing wrong will happen and feeds her food.

Gulguli happily boasts that his son is going to kidnap a girl. She asks Rashmi to note down and writes girl #925. Rashmi notices her number as 908. Gulguli says Shivani was #923. Veer says let her go and inform Rangeela in which village the girl is.

Shivani tells Rangeela tthere are so many villages, how will he find out which village the girl is in. He says his friends have cornered all pundits and they will find out which girl is getting married where.


Ghulaam 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer’s aide gives bag full of money to girl’s father and orders to let girl go. Raangeela blabbers his usual dialogue and says he will rescue girl at any cost.

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