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Ghulaam 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivani praises Rangeela that he knows he can run electricity without wire and boat without water, achieve his goal always. Rangeela smiles. Rashmi returns to her room and calls Manmeet. Manmeet under drug effect rudely asks what, go away. She thinks just now he threw drugs and is heavily inebriated now, reminisces Maldawali’s challenge. She asks Manmeet why he broke promise. He rudely shouts none of her business. She thinks she has to fight a long way.

Rangeela calls Parvez and asks to find out where wedding is happening in his area. Parvez asks him to give him 10 min and disconnects call. Amma comes holding bangles and calls Khushi, she says she brought these bangles to gift Khushi in shagun. Shivani says Khushi’s farewell happened already. Balam returns with Manju. Rangeela tells amma that she is becoming daad. Amma happily hugs Manju and says he is very happy that she is becoming shanti daadi. Rangeela gets Parvez’s call back who informs about a marriage in police officer’s house. Rangeela thanks Parvez and reaches venue. He asks Bala not to use gun, else Veer’s goons will get alert and will create trouble.

Veer informs panchs that he has arranged a girl for them and she will dance and entertain them today. Old panchs dance happily. Veer’s goons reach wedding venue, throw money bag in front of bride’s father and orders to let bride go with them. They kidnap her and leave in jeep. Balam picks gun, but stops reminiscing Rangeela’s words. Maldawali eagerly waits near balcony thinking Rangeela will save girl, but then seeing jeep coming feels sad that Rangeela failed this time. Veer and old panchs continue dancing and enjoying. Girl is brought. Veer removes her veil boasts this is 925th kidnapped girl, is shocked to see Rangeela under pallu. Rangeela says he ruined 924 girls’ lives, but not anymore. Veer points gun at her and laughs that he will not go alive now.

Raneela smiles. Veer slaps Bhabna and asks how did Rangeela came here instead of bride. Rangeela tells how he met girl’s family and exchanged himself with bride and came here. He says Veer must be surprised how did he know wedding venue, Veer’s family member informed him and he himself should find a traitor. Veer says he came here alive and will go dead. Rangeela says when he goes to get honey, he goes with only one blanket and get all the honey, if he thinks he came here without protection, he is wrong. Veer himself will drop him till main gate. Panchs says they will shoot Rangeela on Veer’s order. Veer counts 1, 2, 3. Rangeela removes sari and shows bombs around his waist.


Ghulaam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela holding panchs asks Veer to open the door or die in bomb blast. Veer says he is ready to die in bomb blast. Rangeela says okay then,all panchs will die with him.

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