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Ghulaam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer and his Panchs panic seeing Rangeela wearing bomb belt around his waist. Rangeela provokes Veer to count 3 and get ready to die with bomb explosion. Panchs try to run. Rangeela holds them and warns Veer to either walk with him till main door and see him off or die with these panchs with bomb blast. Panchs plead Veer to save them. Veer says he can die with bomb blast and not accept defeat from Rangeela, but as a sarpanch, he has to save them. Rangeela orders to open door then. Veer walks with him till main door. Maldawali smiles at Rangeela. Rangeela shows her thumbs up. Veer opens door. Rangeela challenges him that he has started a new ritual of saving girls whenever he kidnaps one.

Gulguli yells at Rashmi as usual. Maldawali enters and says Rangeela rescues bride by coming here wearing bride’s dress. Veer enters fuming and shouts that a family member betrayed them, someone from family gave news about bride’s kidnap to Rangeela. Gulguli slaps Rashmi and asks if she leaked info, take Raghav’s oath. Rashmi takes Raghav’s oath and says she did not. Gulguli looks at Maldawali. Maldawali nervously takes Jageer’s oath. Veer says it is Jageer then, where is he. Maldawali says he has gone out. Veer shouts that gay kinda Jageer leaked info, he will not spare him, because of him their age old Berhampur ritual was broken.

Rangeela galls bride and asks if she reached safely. She say yes and asks if he is fine. He says yes. Rangeela says she can study well till she wants and his brother is there to protect her, she will send him rakhi every year. Bride agrees. Shivani praises Rangeela.

Maldawali dances reminiscing Rangeela waving at him and thinks soon Rangeela will be in her love. Jageer comes holding his stomach and shouts he is having severe stomach ache. She asks if Veer hit him. Jageer says no. She gives him medicine, but his pain continues. She reminisces taking Jageer’s false oath and thinks it is because of that; if he dies, she will lose all her colorful dresses and makeup, prays god she will not take wrong oath again. She says she will not let him die. He shouts why will he die, Veer is alleging him that he leaked info. He thought Veer and Amma would fight, but they reconciled.

Gulguli says Veer that Rangeela tricked them and lied. He has to find out Sarkar, only he can tackle Rangeela and Rangeela cannot forgo his orders. Veer thinks Veer did sarkar run.

Rangeela speaks to sarkar and says he freed a bride today from Veer’s clutch and soon he will take control of Berahampur. Shivani comes there and says something is stuck in his hair and asks to bend. He bends and she kisses his forehead and says she could not help kissing him for saving a bride. She says he has to free Rashmi as she hoped Raghav would come and free her, but it cannot happen, so he has to free her and send her to her parent’s house so that she can start a new life. Rangeela kisses his forehead and says she cares for other so much, so he kissed her. She shies. He holds her hand and promises that he will send Rashmi back to her family soon They both look into each other’s eyes and smile.


Ghulaam 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer hires a new commander Shera and orders him to shoot Rangeela’s dummy. He praises Shera and orders him to kill Rangeela and take his revenge.

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