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Ghulaam 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

Shivani under bhang effect continues acting weird. She cuts vegetables. Mamaji gets worried and says she may cut her fingers, so he will cut vegetables. Rangeela says he will cut vegetables and prepare food. Mamaji asks from where did he learn cooking. He says he cooks food for his amma since his childhood. Amma says yes, he does and today he will cook for her and her bahu. Shivani’s drama continues under inebriation.

Veer, Bhisma, and Gulguli’s drama continues. Bhisma punishes Maldawali thinking her as Shivani. Gulguli slaps her and scolds. Once they all 3 walk in, Maldwali fumes that it is all because of Shivani, she will not spare Shivani. Veer starts searching Shivani, calling Baby doll around whole house.

Shivani does not eat food. Mamaji asks to have it. Rangeela says once she will feel hungry, she will. Shivani asks him to feed her. He does. After dinner, Rangeela makes Shviani sleep in a room and himself goes and sleeps in roof top room. He thinks before malik gets stupor, he has to drop back Shviani to haveli. Shivani enters his room. He gets nervous and asks her to go. She says she is his wife, so this whole house is hers. They both fall on bed during their tussle. Rangeela asks to go to her room. Shivani says okay and walks towards main door. Rangeela stops her and says if she goes home like this, malik will shoot her. She asks him to lift her.

Rangeela makes shivani sleep on bed and himself sleeps on floor. She starts taunting him. Veer comes and knocks Rangeela’s door. Rangeela gets tensed. He hides her and opens door. Veer asks if Shivani came here. Rangeela nervously says no. Veer insists to check himself and gets in forcefully. Shivani comes there and Rangeela hides her again. Veer checks and leaves. Rangeela closes door and angrily scolds Shivani. He says he gave her antidote and all sort of medicines, why she is not getting stupor.


Ghulaam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivani reveals Rangeela that she was not inebriated at all and was just testing if he loves her or not.

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