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Ghulaam 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Rangeela holding night vision gun tries to walk out of haveli holding kerosene. He sees 2 torch lights on him and warns to switch off torch, else he will shoot. They switch off. Raneela sees Manmeet and Rashmi. Manmeet says he is feeling sad seeing him as enemy. Rashmi asks about Shivani. Rangeela says she is fine. Manmeet says he felt good seeing him fighting for woman’s rights. Rashmi offers him lunch box and Manmeet says when she heard that he did not prepare food due to Veer, she prepared food for him. Rangeela thanks them and leaves. Veer feels warm due to power cut and gets angry on Rangeela.

Rangeela enjoys food with Shivani, Balam, Phantom, and Manju and says Rashmi prepared tasty food. He sees Shivani tensed and asks what happened. She says Veer will not keep quiet after all this. Balam says same and asks him to rest as he has gunshot wound. Rangeela says he did not bear bullet for the firs time and will guard them all.

Jageer provokes Bhisma against Rangeela and says he would have burnt betrayer’s house, but did not react at all, why he is sparing Rangeela. Bhisma stands silently. Jageer picks torch and says he will burn enemy’s house. Veer stops him and throws torch saying when enemy’s house is next to their house, they should not burn enemy’s house, else their house will also catch fire.

Rangeela reminisces obeying Veer and doing injustice to Shivani. Shivani comes and asks till when he will be awake and they will live in tension. He says till Veer does not realize his mistake. She says he is fighting for woman’s rights. He asks for forgiveness. She says she forgave him long ago.

Veer tells Bhisma if he kills Rangeela at once, people will consider him martyr fighting for woman’s justice, he will force Rangeela to become Ghulam again. Power comes back. Bhisma asks how did it come. Manmeet says because of Rangeela and reminisces Rangeela giving him electric fuse. Veer angrily strangulates his neck. He challenges Veer for a fight. Bhisma stops them.

Rangeela asks Shivani about amma. She says she is not at home since morning. He says he feels sad for amma, she roams around whole village and has no relatives or friends, he does not even know who his father is. Shivani cheers him up.

Veer holds snake and makes it bite on his tongue and says this poison will remind him about Rangeela’s betrayal and he will fight with Rangeela tomorrow morning.


Ghulaam 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer forces Rangeela’s amma to dance on gun point and orders her to dance like a dot. Rangeela asks her not to.

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