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Ghulaam 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer orders Shera to shoot at Rangeela’s dummy. Shera does. Veer praises him and says now he will take Bhabhna’s place and become his bodyguard, he can take revenge with Rangeela now. Shera says he wants to clear his score with Rangeela. He gets a call that his wife is about to deliver and asks Veer to name the boy. Veer says Gama. Shera says Gama was a great wrestler, he will name his son same. Veer goes home and sitting for lunch asks Gulguli that she told whole family will have lunch together, where are her other sons, call them.

Rangeela’s amma brings flowers and says she is very happy and will dance today as she is getting a grandson who will play with her. She says she will perform Manju’s goad bharai and gives her sari saying she bought it from her money. Manju feels sad that Phantom and Khushi are not with them now. Shivani says if they were alive, even they would be very happy. Goad bharai rituals start. Amma dances with ladies and does Manju’s goad bharai ritual. She asks if she needs a girl or a boy. Manju says girl. Amma says even she needs a girl to play with her.

Jageer joins family for lunch and orders Rashmi to bring her drug addict husband. Rashmi brings Manmeet. Manmeet argues and throws water away, fill water mug with daal and throws it. Jageer asks to bring daal. Veer taunts that he is like a woman and should go and prepare it himself. Jageer gets very angry and argues with Veer that earlier sarkar used to taunt him and now Veer, things have never changed. He orders Veer to apologize. Veer says he will never. Jageer asks amma to order Veer to apologize Amma shouts what she can do. Drama continues.

Rangeela gets a call from bank manager to come and close Phantom’s account. Rangeela says Shivani and others he has to go and will return in a day.

After sometime, guards inform Veer that a girl is born to Shera. Shera comes and says sonography report showed boy though. Veer orders to kill the girl as per Berahampur ritual and call all the ladies to kill the girl in his haveli.. Ladies gather. Shera’s wife pleads not to kill her daughter. Veer does not budge and continues his cruelty.


Ghulaam 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer says nobody can break Berahampur’s rules and girl should be killed. Manmeet confronts and says he will not let that happen and asks Gulguli what if her mother had followed this ritual and killed her long ago, she would not have been alive now. Shivani calls Rangeela and asks him to return home soon as girl is born in Berahampur and Veer is killing her.

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