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Ghulaam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivani tells Rangeela that a few hours she spent with him and his mothe rin his house are the best hours of her life. She told him before and even now she tells him that she loves him and he is her husband. Whatever he and his malik/boss may think, for her, he is her husband forever. She continues pouring her heart out and says she will go now. He dorns her shawl. She thanks him for feeding food from her hands and spending time with her, she will remember this whole life. Rangeela silently listens to her and once she leaves calls someone and informs his friend to drop her safely home.

Shivani reaches home and sees Veer sleeping on her bed. She thinks where to sleep now and sits on sofa. She thinks she started loving Rangeela more now and dances on song…Pehla nasha.

In the morning, Rashmi sees Manmeet still asleep and thinks he is not that bad after he took Shivani’s side and confronted Bhisma for wrongdoing, his drugs are a big problem for him. Manmeet wakes up and asks if it is day or night. She signals. He asks to say yes or no, if it is night. She says no. He says that means it is day and he slept whole night. He asks to search his drugs under table. She says no. He asks to get it from Maldawali. She goes and knocks Maldawali’s door, but it is locked.

Maldawali dances in front of kali maa’s idol reminiscing Ardhnareshwar’s words, Bhisma and Gulguli punishing her forcing her to mimic Shivani. She shouts she will not spare Shivani and Shivani is her biggest enemy.

Rashmi runs and drags Rangeela to her room and shows Manmeet self-inflicting scorpion bite. Manmeet forces scorpion to bite him to lessen his drug cravings. Rangeela catches scorpion and ties a cloth on Manmeet’s hand to stop poison’s circulation. Manmeet orders him to get drugs from Maldwali.

Rangeela goes to Maldwali’s room. She locks room fom inside and keeps key in her blouse. She tries to lure him and says she wants to become mother of his child. She continues and starts insulting Shivani. Rangeela gets very angry and twists her hand and forces her to give key. He then unlocks door and walks out. Shivani sees him walking and starts smiling. He thinks he does not know how to stay away from Shivanii and keep her from coming near him.

Precap: Maldwali asks Rangeela to show how will he convince Shivani to drink milk. Rangeela tells Shivani that it has more dry fruits than milk. Maldwali records video and is shocked to see Shivani gulping milk in one go.

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