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Ghulaam 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Ghulaam 23rd May 2017 on

Whiile cooking food, Maldawali thinks she lost 2 games at once, 1 Rangeela went away form her and 2 Shivani went closer to him, she has to do something now. Jageer asks her to get more puris and comments about Rangeela. Maldawali comments everyone talk about Rangeela here and not about Shivani because of whom Rangeela betrayed, even Veer praises Shivani calling her baby doll all the time. Veer enters and says Shivani helped Rangeela in every aspect, so she will also be punished ruthlessly with Rangeela. Maldawali asks him to have breakfast. He says he still has snake poison effect and wants to spit it out first.

Veer reaches outside Rangeela’s house and thinks of punishing Rangeela’s amma as she is Rangeela’s weakness. He orders goons to bring amma and asks amma to dance like she did on Sarkar’s order long ago if she wants to save Rangeela. Amma dances and loudly calls Rangeela for help. Rangeela comes out hearing amma’s plea and sees her dancing. Veer laughs that he will make him also dance. Rangeela warns him to leave his amma, he will not tolerate any woman being insulted. Veer continues his heinous act.

Rangeela picks rope and throws it into Veer’s neck and hangs him to a tree, reminiscing Veer making him a dog. He says his if he does not change his view towards woman, he will be punished ruthlessly. Veer boasts if he leaves him, he will insult his amma again. Rangeela trashes Veer ruthlessly and drags him like a dog. Everyone shout to trash him. Bhisssma comes running and pleads Rangeela to free Veer. Amma throws stone on Bhisma. Bhisma says Veer is Rangeela’s brother and Rangeela is his son. Balam asks Rangeela not to trust Bhisma. Bhisma says this is truth and pleads to spare his brother. Rangeela spares Veer.

At haveli, Jageer informs family that Bhisma accepted in front of whole Berahampur that Rangeela is his son and Rangeela trashed Veer like a dog. Gulguli fumes in anger and shouts Sarakar kept this secret since so many years.

Bhisma brings Veer home. Veer shouts Rangeela tricked and trashed him, he will take revenge and kill Rangeela in wrestling ground. Bhisma warns that Rangeela is his brother and he will not touch Rangeela. Veer says it is a battle now and he will not spare Rangeela. He continues venting out his anger.


Ghulaam 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela tells Chaudry spoilt his amma’s life, takes oath to get justice for amma.

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