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Ghulaam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 24th April 2017 full episode watch online on

Shivani dries her hair after a bath. Rangeela enters her room and asks why did she come back to Berahampur. Earlier she used to pleads to get her out of Berahampur, now when he sent her out with so much difficulty, why did she come back. She says because of him. He says why, stop her repeated drama. Shivani says she came for him and when she informed mamaji about her situation, mamaji left it to her to decide what to do next, so she came back to him.

Maldawali reminisces checking Shivani’s breath and telling Gulguli that she is half dead and will die completely soon. She angrily throws her ghungroo. Jageer enters and asks what happened to her. Maldawali fumes that Shivani is alive because of her. She should have let Gulguli beat Shivani again. Jager says she is elder bahu and is not getting respect she deserves. It is all because of his physical weakness. He will get her rights via his intelligence, then she will hug him happily. She asks what she should do. He asks her to make sure Gulguli continues hating Shivani.

Rangeela tells Shivani that Veer is very irked after she tried to kill him and like a hunter tortures its prey and then kills, Veer will do same. Shivani says she does not care, she considers him as her husband and came back to follow her duties.

Guguli asks Bhisma to kill her. He asks if she has gone mad. She says she cannot see Shivani in haveli who tried to killed Veer, it is better she dies. Bhisma says he is happy to see a mother’s love for her son. If she dies, who will cut his finger nails and who will roam in haveli calling sarkar, hugs her and says she is his queen and he will not let her die. She says she will dance when Veer kills Shivani. Maldawali brings Shivani’s belongings from Veer’s room and says Gulguli that she did not leave anything. Shivani comes. Maldawali says they should take her to tantric and get her gost out. Gulguli orders her to take Shivani to temple.

Maldawali takes Shivani and Rashmi to temple. Shivani prays for her and Rangeela’s prosperous life. Rangeela’s amma comes and asks pandit to give her prasad, else she will break his head. Shivani sees her and nervously tells Maldawali and Rashmi let us go back. Maldawali
asks what happened to her, let pooja finish. Shivani forcefully takes them. Pandit calls her and asks to take prasad for sarkar. Shivani walks towards pandit nervously. Amma sees her and identifies her as bahu. She happily hugs Shivani. Maldawali looks in a shock.


Ghulaam 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela’s amma asks Shivani where did she go, she was remembering her and asked Rangeela repeatedly to bring back bahu, they both will wear goggles and dance. Maldawali gets happy seeing this and thanks Bholenath for giving her such a good gift.