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Ghulaam 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivani goes to kitchen in the morning. Maldawali says good morning and asks where was she whole night. Shivani says someone fed her bhang and she does not know what happened next. Maldawali reminisces feeding bhang mixed prasad and says because she went missing, Sarkar, Gulguli and Veer punished her. Rangeela comes and says guards told Sarkar, Gulguli and Veer insulted and punished Maldawali malkin and laughs. Shivani reminisces Maldawali giving her bhang prasad and thinks mamaji tells right, one who digs ditch for others will themselves fall into it. Rangeela asks Maldawali why did she call her. Maldawali says he has to forced milk to Shivani and takes his phone to record video. Rangeela asks Shivani to drink milk as it has more dry fruits than milk. She gulps in one go. Maldawali is shocked.

Shivani says she can do anything for her husband and runs to vomit. Maldawali taunts Rangeela that he was comparing her to cheap Shivani, now he should try stop Shivani from vomiting.

Shivani vomits and returns to her room. Veer gets up and asks where was she whole night. She says she.. Rangeela comes and says guard told malkin came to haveli at 3 a.m. and reminds Veer that he had come to his house inebriated searching malkin. Veer says yes. Maldawali brings thali full of dry fruits and dishes and tells Rangeela that he left Shivani’s breakfast in kitchen, he has to feed her this. Rangeela tells Shivani he will not go away from her until she finishes it. Veer also warns Shivanithat he will punish her if she vomits. He asks Rangeela to feed Shivani. Rangeeals dips parantha in curd and feeds Shivani. She eats smiling at Rangeela. Maldawali gets tensed that her plan backfired. If shivani become pregnant, she will become Berahampur’s queen, she has to do something.

Gulguli wakes up and thinks she drank too much bhang milk. She hurriedly stands up thinking sarkaar already got ready and left. She hears snoring under bed and sees sarkaar/Bhisma snoring. She wakes him up and asks if he was sleeping whole night under bed, she will get him tea. He asks not to tell children anything and gets romantic, jumps with her on bed and says whole night he was seeing her smiling face and wants to see it whole day. She says he is still inebriated. He says he wants to whole day and night. Phone rings and he gets up asking Gulguli to get tea. He picks phone and Jageer over phone tells him that he will stay in Delhi forever. He scolds Jageer that he will kill him if he gets out of Berahampur.

Maldawali asks Rangeela to bring rabri and pour it on jalebis. She gets romantic with him and says she will close kitchen door if he wants. Gulguli enters and scolds what is happening here. Maldawali lies that Rangeela was teling Gulguli is still inebriated and will not wake up early. Gulguli scolds again to stop laughing and do her work. Rangeela tells he fed breakfast and is taking jalebi and rabri for Shivani.

Veer ties a string on stairs murmuring that Shivani escapes last time, this time she will fall and break her bones, then her arrogance will stop. Shivani descending stairs and slips on string. Veer gets very happy, but gets angry seeing Rangeela holding Shivani on time and saving her.

Precap: Rangeela seeing Shivani coming towards him thinks he has to escape from her. She pulls his muffler and gets naughty.

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