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Ghulaam 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela’s amma hugs Shivani and asks where she had gone, she was searching her since long. Maldawali asks her to leave Shivani’s hand. Amma picks stone to hit her. Maldawali runs aside. Shivani says she will walk along. Amma boasts that Shivani is her bahu and friend, they will dance wearing googles. Maldawali gets happy and thanks god for giving her such a good gift. Amma takes Shivani home. Rangeela is busy exercising and seeing them asks Shivani why did she come here. Shivani says amma brought her here forcefully freeing her from Maldawali. Rangeela scolds Amma and sends Shivani out. Amma feels sad. Balam tries to console her, but she does not. Rangeela apologizes her.

Maldawali reaches home and starts brainwashing Bhisma and Gululi against Shivani that she went with Rangeela’s amma and looks like they know each other from before. They were talking about wearing goggles and dancing before and looks like Rangeela is also involved. She continues brainwashing. Shivani enters. Gulguli asks if she knows Rangeela’s amma from before, if she came here for Rangeela. Shivani starts crying. Jageer starts brainwashing Bhisma and Gulguli against Shivani and Rangeela next and says they are having an affair.

Gulguli requests Bhisma to kill Shivani and finish the issue right now, she tried to kill Veer and having an affair with Ghulam. Bhisma angrily shouts Rangeelaa… Rangeela enters and tells them whole story how Shivani entered his house heavily inebriated and his amma danced with her, etc. Maldawali and Jaggeer start their allegations again. Gulguli slaps Rangeela and shouts how dare a Ghulam is to eye on her bahu. Rangeela tells Bhisma that he is like his god, takes Bhisma’s oath and says he did not even touch Shivani in life. Maldawali says he must be pious, but what about Shivani, even she should take Rangeela’s oath and tell she did not touch or hug Rangeela in life. She forcefully keeps Shivani’s hand on Rangeela’s head. Shivani takes back her hand.

Veer is seen getting ready and traveling in car with Manmeet with angry mood. Manmeet tries to cheer him up with filmy dialogues, but Veer does not smile. Gulguli angrily drags Shivani to throw her out of house after torturing her, but stops seeing Veer coming. Shivani gets tensed seeing Veer.


Ghulaam 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ragneela scolds Shivani why should he dance with her, because of her everyone are doubting his loyalty. She says she cannot look back. He asks that means she wants to dance with him.

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