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Ghulaam 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Rangeela goes to his room reminiscing Shivani’s cries. He sees blood on his cuff and thinks what is happening to him, he is bought up between crime, then why is he feeling bad. Bhisma calls him and asks him to come near mantap soon. Rangeela thinks as boss says, every girl resists at first and then calms down.

Veer sitting in mantap remembers telling Rangeela to just obey is boss and forget everything. My heart is beating…music plays in the background. Shivani resists to sit in mantap. Bhabhi warns him if she does not, some other girl will sit and she will be killed. Shivani sits in mantap crying. Rangeela silently stands with bent head. Pandit starts chanting mantras and asks mother to come and do gath bandhan. Mother comes forward. Veer says it is okay, this cloth is not that strong, his hand is and grips Shivani’s hand. Sivani pleads to spare her as her gath bandhan and 7 pheras have already happened and she cannot marry anyone else. Veer says her marriage was fake and even pandit was fake. Rangeela helplessly looks around. Shivani says for her it was real. Bhisma scolds Gulguli/mother why woman is shouting so loud. Mother warns Shivani that only men can speak here and if a woman does, her tongue will be burnt, pointing at Rashmi. Veer does pheras holding Shivani and Shivani helplessly resists.

Bhisma runs and adds more ghee in havan. Shivani falls unconscious. Pandit asks to make her sleep after mantap. Veer says she will go out of mantap after pheras. Bhabhi says she is unconscious, how will she walk. Veer asks Rangeela to bring chair. Rangeela does. Veer makes Shivani sit on it and ties gath bandhan veil around her, lifts chair and orders pandit to continue chanting mantras. Rangeela stands silently.

A car comes and Veer’s elder gets out of it and walks towards mantap. He asks what is this new circus. Bhisma says this is his younger brother’s marriage. Man says he is not invited. Bhisma says it is better for him to stay away as he cannot tolerate havan smoke. Mother tries to console him and says he was out of station and pandit ji gave 101 hours ultimatum, so they had to perform marriage in a hurry. Man says with unconscious bride, pheras cannnot happen and this marrriage is invalid, he warns pandit to speak. Pandit nods yes. Bhism points gun on Pandit’s head and asks if it is valid or not. Pandit says valid and restarts mantras and then says pheras are finished.

Gulguli orders to open Veer’s room, bride will be taken to his room directly. Rashmi’s husband Manmeet comes and stands in front of them. Gulguli asks him to congratulate his brother. Inebriated Manmeet asks why he was not invited. Bhisma says he is inebriated and should stay in a corner. Manmeet says he is not inebriated and is very powerful. He does pushups and falls down. Gulguli asks to get up. Manmeet says he will take new bride to her rom. Bisma warns to stay away. Manmeet insists and asks Gululi if she forgot rituals that elder brother drops bride till room, she did not consider him elder at all. He tries to light marijuana filled cigarette. Veer orders to move aside. Manmeet says he is not. Rashmi tries to come towards him, but he warns to back off and insists to lift bride. Gulguli convinces Bhisma sarkar to let him lift. Manmeet lifts chair and Shivani and walks with great difficult. Rangeela walks behind. Gath bandhan veil loosen and Shivani falls down. Rangeela tries to hold her and falls down with her. He touches her hand trying to help her. Veer fumes seeing this.

Precap: Shivani pleads Rangeela to save him. Veer comes and asks what is happening, why she is crying. Rangeela says room is not yet decorated, so she is crying. Veer says his new boss is telling right, now he should decorate room.

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