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Ghulaam 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Ghulaam 25th May 2017 on

Bhisma warns Rangeela not to cross his limits. He further says that he is his father and came here on calling, else he would not have come here. Rangeela sees Gulguli pointing gun on him and says Bhisma that he would not have brought bodyguard here. Bhisma angrily drags Gulguli home and scolds what was she doing. Gulguli says she saw him going alone, so picked gun and bullets found in cupboard and followed him. He praises that she has become too brave, she should fight in wrestling ground with him. She says keep his hold on Berahampur’s crown, he has to sacrifice Rangeela and his amma.

Rangeela returns home at night. Shivani asks where did he go. Rangeela says to get his amma’s self-respect. He pampers his sleeping amma and calls her shanty. He writes Shanti on his house entrance.

Gulguli continues brainwashing Bhisma against Rangeela. Jageer hears their conversation and thinks he will not let Berhampur’s crown go to Rangeela.

Bhisma enjoys body massage while watching wrestling. Rangeela calls him and asks what he thought. Bhisma warns not to provoke him, he is his father. Rangeela says he wants his amma’s self-respect at any cost and challenges to meet him. Bhisma asks where to meet. Rangeela says out of his territory and says place. Bhisma meets Rangeela. He falls unconscious and wakes up to see himself between insane people in a cell. He pleads to get him out, who put him here. Rangeela enters and says he put him there. Bhisma continues pleading to get him out. Mad patients bully Bhisma and he cries to get him out.

Maldawali calls tantric from bengal. He does black magic. Veer comes and asks what is happening. Jageeer says he is incapable of doing anything, so Maldawali brought bengali tantric to tackle Rangeela. Veer fumes what he thinks and says he will shave Rangeela’s amma’s head, then there will be no question of sindhoor, etc. Manmeet confronts him and he holds Manmeet’s collar. Rashmi interferes. Veer warns her to stay away. Manmeet confronts and tells Veer if he ever tries to touch Rashmi again, he will break his hand. Rashmi gets happy that Manmeet took her side for the first time.

Rangeela gets Bhisma out of cell and asks if he realized now what his amma was going through. Bhisma agrees to apply sindhoor on amma’s forehead and give her respect.

Ghulaam 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhisma tells Rangeela that he will fill sindhoor in amma’s forehead and give her respect.

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