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Ghulaam 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela’s amma enjoys ice candy with village children. Veer comes on his jeep. Amma gets afraid seeing him. He takes ice candy from her and throws it, says he will feast her 56 bhog as it is tonsuring ceremony today, with no hair her forehead will not be filled with sindhoor.

Bhisma while traveling with Rangeela stops car and apologizes him again. Rangeela asks why did he stop ar here. Bhisma gets out of car and buys corn and reminds when Veer used to beat Rangeela in childhood, he used to get corn for him. He used to fire bullet rounds with corns falling down. He says he cannot change past time, but the truth is he loves him a lot. Rangeela asks why did he keep him as Ghulam. Bhisma says he was worried about his life, but gave him what his other children wore and ate and love him similarly.

Veer ties amma to jeep bonnet and takes her outside Rangeela’s house. Amma pleads someone save her. Veer loudly calls Rangeela to come out and see his amma’s head tonsuring. Shivani comes out and pleads to leave amma and tie her instead. Veeer leaves warning to send Rangeela. Amma continues pleading to save her.

Bhisma tells he will get sindhoor from mandir and gets out of car. Rangeela says even his bike is nearby and goes to get it. Bhisma gets sindhoor from temple and says Rangeela that he will apply sindhoor on Shanti’s forehead tomorrow and hugs him. Rangeela also responds. Bhisma leaves in his car.

Phantom informs Rangeela that Vee has captured amma again. Rangeela rushes to the venue.. Veer boasts that last time Rangeela tied him with rope with a trick and trashed him, this time let him dare dry. He speeds his bike on Rangeela. Rangeela escapes repeatedly, picks iron rod and throws it in steering. Veer stops jeep. Rangeela asks phantom to free amma and then kicks Veer out of jeep and then grips him between walls via jeep. Veer smirks. Rangeela then tells Chaudhry saheb will apply sindhoor on his amma’s forehead tomorrow and will give her wife’s right.

Veer returns home and fumes that he will not let his father give wife’s right to Rangeela’s amma even if he has to kill his father. Rangeela makes his amma wear new clothes and jewelry and waits for Chaudhry outside temple. Amma says she likes Shanti name. Chaudry heads towards temple on his jeep with mangalsutra and sindhoor. His jeep stops and he gets out of it. Someone throws a cloth from behind and strangulates him. Rangeela continues waiting. Ammma says her legs are paining and walks home. Rangeela fumes that Chaudhry saheb betrayed him, now he will destroy everything.

Ghulaam 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela shouts outside haveli to come out. Veer warns Rangeela if something happens to sarkar, he will kill him. Rangeela also challenges if his rights are not given, he will burn Berahampur.

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