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Ghulaam 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manmeet insists Gulguli to spare new born baby girl. Shera pushes him and warns to stay away from baby Manmeet scolds him he showed his manhood and gave birth to this child, but cannot protect her, shame on him. He tries to snatch baby girl unsuccessfully. Gulguli takes baby girl with other women to bury her alive.

Rangeela is stuck in traffic jam. Shivani waits for him. Balam says Rangeela has not come yet and possession has already started, what will they do now. Shivani says she will stop them and runs to save baby girl.

At burial ground, girl’s mother Pannawali pleads to spare her child. Gulguli yells all women here have lost their baby girl, she should bury girl alive. Women back her. Maldwali forces Pannawali. Shivani comes running and pleads to stop, says god has kept heaven under mother’s feet, how can they kill an innocent baby. This ritual has not come from ancient times, Berahampur’s men have created these. How can they be so cruel, look at the baby’ innocent face, she has not even opened eyes. Gulguli shouts men are superior and they have created these rules, nobody can change them. Maldawali holds Shivani and orders to stop her drama. Shivani thinks she has to stop them till Rangeela comes and sits in grave. Gulguli orders to get her out. Rangeela is seen running into village. Shivani is dragged out by women. She shouts to stop. Rangeela reaches and stands shattered seeing baby’s grave. Gulguli shoots in air. Veer also shoots in air and announces that girl’s funeral has finished. Men chant sarpnach ji ki jai.. Shera happily hugs Veer. Shivani says he came late.

Veer says men that they will celebrate and he has called a very beautiful dancer. Dancer dances wearing veil on Jaban Pe Lagare Namak Ishq ka…song..Men enjoy dance. Dancer removes veil and they are all shocked to see Jageer. Jageer reminisces Veer’s words that he is a woman and mimics women, he challenges Veer that they want to see him as woman, he will show it. Panch asks Veer why is his brother acting as woman. Veer shouts what drama is this. Jageer says it is answer for his insult. He tells panchs that his brother used to taunt him as woman, he has proved one. From tomorrow, people will see Sarkar’s son and sarpanch Veer’s brother is roaming disguised as woman.

Veer pays his respect to baby girl and apologizes her. He says human have to die, but some human are born with a motto, even he is born with a motto and takes oath he will not let any baby die in Berahampur.


Ghulaam 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer orders pregnant women to check up once every 3 months and whoever disobeys will be killed. Rangeela takes oath to change Berahampur’s heinous rules.