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Ghulaam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Maldawali teaches dance to Shivani and Rashmi on Music bajega laud to Radha nachegi..songg… Gulguli comes and asks to teach even her. Shivani says she will not dance. Gulguli says either she has to dance or her mama will have to on single foot. Maldawali continues teaching dance to Gulguli. Shivani dances behind crying.

Bhisma calls Rangeela and asks to sit on chair as this celebration is because of him. Rangeela sits hesitantly. Bhisma then tells Veer that he heard Gulguli will also dance, it will be a great visual treat. Veer says even he heard. Bhisma says why women are taking so much time, he would have defeated many wrestlers during this waiting period. Gulguli comes with her bahus. Shivani says she will cannot, her legs are freezing. Gulguli promises that she will send halwa poori to mamaji if she dances. Shivani agrees and dances with Gulguli and others. Bhisma praises Gulguli’s dance and she gets shy. She tells she needs a grandson soon and whoever’s child is born first will rule over Berahampur. Maldawali thinks she will not let Shivani and Rashmi to become mother.

Shivani goes to her room and sees Rangeela already present there, she pleads him to go out. He says he will not go, she gave him hypnotic mixed toffee to make him sleep. She asks why would she. He says she acts a lot and calls him her husband, but plays with him. She continues crying and asks him to go out before Veer comes. Veer comes signing my heart is beating and is shocked to see Rangeela there, asks what is he doing here. Rangeela says he wants to tel what malkin did if eh permits. Veer says he can. Rangeela says she gave him hypnotic mixed toffee and he fell asleep. Veer laughs that he took toffee from a woman, he never takes anything from a woman. Rangeela says he even told how he used to get toffee in childhood. Veer laughs and says Rangeela used to not get food at home. He goes into flashback wehre Rangeela boils potatoes and his mother eats some and throws rest. Rangeela used to do Veer’s homework for food and Veer used to give him some leftover. Veer then says Rangeela used to mimic his mother’s dance to get money and orders Rangeela to mimic his insane mother’s dance. Rangeela apologizes his mother for mimicking her and dances with tears in his eyes. Shivani feels bad. Veer gives him money and pampers. Rangeela feels sad. Veer asks baby doll/Shivani if she liked his Raneela’s dance, she should reward him. He gives her money and asks to give it to Ghulam. Shivani thins she will not take Veer’s money and gives her ring t Rangeela.


Ghulaam 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer tells Shivani that like any other mother, his mother wants a grandmother, so she should bear child soon. He warns to stop calling Rangeela as husband and be around him, else Rangeela will die.

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