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Ghulaam 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Manju cries saying how can they kill a newborn baby girl so cruelly. Shivani tries to console her. Manju says she is worried about her child now and wants to get out of this place. Balam says they are here to protect her. She says they were here when baby was killed. Rangeela says he did a mistake by getting emotional during Phantom’s time, this time he will think by his brain and says Balam and Manju will go and stay in Delhi. Balam says they all will go. Rangeela says he would have come if the baby was not killed, he will change Berahampur people’s thinking.

Veer orders to prepare hot burning ironbox to keep it on doctor’s back. Doctor pleads not to, else he will burn. Veer keeps towel on back and keeps iron on it. He then asks lady doctor to tell truth how did she make a mistake in gender determination. Doctor says there is problem in machine and she asked previous Sarpanch to get new machine, but he did not. Veer orders to bring new machine and she repeats her mistake again, he will really burn their back with ironbox.

Gulguli slaps Jageer and yells why did he mimic a woman and danced in front of villagers. Jageer says she and Veer forced him to mimic. Argument continues. He says he had to become sarpanch and sarkar, but Veer snatched his rights. Veer comes and scolds him that he is weak and will always be, he is fit for nothing. Jageer says their father sarkar is the reason for his weakness. Gulguli asks not to dig old grave. Jageer says he will and says when he was 6-year-old and was flying kite on terrace, he heard a sound in room and saw sarkar with Rangeela’s amma on bed. He was running to inform amma, but sarkar picked him and threw from terrace. He was in hospital for 6 months and was fighting for life with all bones broken and lungs punctured, doctor asked him to be on medicine if he wants to be alive. He lived on medicines and became weak. Amma did not support him and supported sarkar instead. He challenges Gulguli and Veer that he will get back his rights and will continue to mimic woman till then.

Rangeela calls inspector who informs that nobody is ready to open their mouth, even baby’s mother told baby was born dead. After sometime, Balam and Manju get read to go to Delhi. Amma asks them to attend temple aarti after 2 hours and then go. They agree. Katta comes with papaya murabba and asks Balam and Manju to try. Balam tries, but Manju says no. He asks reason. Amma says Manju is pregnant. Katta leaves to inform Veer

Veer calls minister to inaugurate ultrasonographic machine. Minsiter touches Gulguli’s feet and takes her blessings. Veer asks minister to inaugurate. Balam on the other side informs Rangeela that Veer is forcing all pregnant woman to get examined. Rangeela says he will drop Manjula out of Berhampur and save women from Veer’s torture.


Ghulaam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer’s men kidnap Manju. Balam informs Rangeela. Rangeela says Shivani that he cannot enter haveli between so many women. Shivani says she will go and will save Manju at any cost.