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Ghulaam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Gulguli does ultrasonograph’s aarti and tells Berahampur’s women that this machine will determine their baby’s s*x and they don’t have to face situation like Pannnawali. Minister says he is a protector of their rituals and has come for their good. Manmeet over speaker says he is not a protector but a betrayer of his party, his thinking is wrong. Veer shouts at him to come in front. Manmeet says he will not support their wrong thinking.

Rangeela travels behind Balam and Manju’s car to drop them to Delhi. Balam stops car and asks Rangeela to go and be with Shivani and amma, they are in danger. Rangeela agrees and returns back.

Maldawali dances on dhintadaka..dhintadaka song.. Guguli also dances and hops, says minister that she is woman and weak, but some people think women and men are equal, if that is the case, then even men would have given birth to children alternatively. Manmeet comments again that they are wrong. Veer signals Shera and he breaks speaker. Rashmi thinks how will Rangeela fight with these people criminals alone. Katta comes and informs Veer that Rangeela has gone to drop his bhabhi out as she is pregnant. Veer signals Shera to go and kidnap Manju. Shera drops egg on Balam’s car. Balam stops to clean glass. Shera silently kidnaps Manju.

Rangeela reaches home and Shivani serves him water. Balam calls Rangeela and informs that Manju is kidnapped. Rangeela shouts Veer…He says Shivani he cannot enter haveli as Veer will use women to guard himself. He calls Parvez and asks to arrange a lady fighter who can rescue Manju from Veer’s clutch. Shivani says she will go and save Manju. He stops her. She takes oath if she does not save Manju, she will leave Berahampur forever. Rangeela teaches her what to do.

Gulguli announces women if they get their checkup and sacrifice their baby girl, she will reward them 1 lakh rs. All women happily agree except 2 who discuss it is illegal to determine baby’s s*x before he/she is born. Veer frightens whoever does not get checkup every 3 months will be killed. Gulguli then gives money and saris to women and sends them for checkup. Shivani comes wearing veil with Katta’s dadi. Dadi says she is her relative and is pregnant, so she thought of getting her checkup and get some money. Gulguli asks to remove her veil and show face. Dadi says woman has conjunctivitis. Gulguli stops woman/Shivani. Veer brings Manju and forcefully sends her in for checkup. Shivani acts as collapsing and women take her in for checkup. Doc checks Manju and informs that she has baby girl. Manju pleads to spare her child and not inform Veer. Lady doc asks 1 lakh rs. Manju says she has 50,000 rs at home and will give it. Doc says she cannot give anything and asks male doc to inform Veer. He walks towards door. Shivani thinks how to stop him and save Manju.


Ghulaam 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivani throws pepper and pepper spray on doctors and they collapse. Rangeela hopes there should not be any problem. Veer kicks door and breaks it. Shivani and Manju get tensed.