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Ghulaam 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela tries to enter haveli, but guards stop him. He calls Chaudry Bhisma to come out of his hiding, he promised to give his amma’s rights, but did not turn up. Veer records his warning on his mobile. Rangeela continues warning Chaudry to come out and fill his amma’s forehead, else he will kill him. Guards say Chaudhry saheb is not at home. Rangeela asks them to inform Chaudhry when he returns if he does not accept amma as his wife, then he will be killed. Veer then comes out and warns Rangeela to get out of here, how dare he is to threat Chaudry, Chaudry told he agreed fearing Rangeela, he will not come. Chaudhry is his father and his amma’s legally wedded husband and will not come.

Bhisma wearing Chaudhry’s pagdi mimics him. Maldawali asks why is he looking so happy. He says soon he will rule over Behrampur and will be its king. She asks what about Rangeela, he challenged that once he gets out of haveli, he will change Berahampur. He says he will find a solution even for Rangeela. Gulguli comes calling him. He hides pagdi. Gulguli asks if he knows where sarkar has gone, he did not inform at all. Jageer says he does not know, he did not see sarkar since long time. Maldawali thinks if he did something to Sarkar for berahampur’s crown.

Manmeet gifts new clothes to Rashmi and says it is her reward for standing against Veer for him. She reminisces the incident where Veer grips Manmeet’s neck and she tries to confront him. She gets emotional. He says he will stand against sarkar’s illegal rules. He applies band on his name inscribed on her hand and says she was tortured unnecessarily, he will not let any injustice to her again.

Rangeela returns home. Shivani applies bandage to his leg and says it is swollen, why did he go out. He says sarkar lied him and did not come to accept amma as his wife, he will not spare sarkar. Amma tears new clothes with scissors and says she told him she does not like new clothes, even then he forcefully made her to wear them.

Gulguli tells Maldawali that sarkar does not go out without informing her, he did not come even at late night. Manmeet comes and says he searched Sarkar all around and did not find anywhere. Jageer says he asked mobile company to search Sarkar’s location, but sarkar did not carry sim at all. Veer says only Rangeela can tell where Sarkar is. Gulguli angrily walks to Rangeela’s house and shouts to come out. He comes out. She slaps him and asks where is sarkar. Rangeela says how will he know, he had promised to come and accept amma as his wife, but he did not turn and betrayed him. Amma comes and beats Gulguli with stick warning how dare she is to beat Rangeela. Rangeela and Phantom send her aside. Gulguli continues yelling at Rangeela that he hid sarkar somewhere. Jageer brings sarkar’s pagri and kurta and says villagers told Sarkar must be dead. Veer comes and says Rangeela killed Sarkar and shows video footage where Rangeela threatens to kill Sarkar. Gulguli shatters that her sarkar cannot die. Rangeela says he wants justice from sarkar, why will he kill sarkar. Veer warns Rangeela he has killed sarkar, he will not be spared. Rangeela thinks if sarkar does not turn up, how will get justice for amma.

Ghulaam 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :  Shivani asks Rangeela if he thinks Veer can stoop so low that he will kill his father. Rangeela says for crown, he can do anything, he doubts even Jageer more than Veer.

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