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Ghulaam 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sarkar scolds Gulguli and says he came to know that she and her sons planned to kick Rangeela and Shanti out. He apologizes Rangeela and says he hugged Veer to know his truth. He slaps Veer and says he wanted to win his trust, now he hates him more. He announces that Rangeela’s marriage will happen in this haveli lavishly with band baaja. He tells Gulguli that even she fell from his eyes today. Veer thinks he did not confront Sarkar as it is not a right time, soon time will come to confront him.

Sarkar sees Rangeela tensed and asks what happened now. Rangeela says his rule is only in his haveli, but what about whole village and other surrounding villages, if a boy and girl love, will he hang them like Phantom and Khushi; if a girl is born, will he bury her alive. Manmeet returns from Delhi.

Rangeela hugs him. Manmeet touches Sarkar’s feet and asks if he is fine. Sarkar blesses him and says yes. He calls old couple and says look whom he brought. They call Rashmi. Rashmi sees them, identifies as mamma and papa, runs and hugs her. Rangeela touches their feet and apologizes. Sarkar greets them. Veer greets father as samdhiji and unbuttons his shirt. Father asks what is he doing. Maldawali brings langot/Indian underwear. Veer says he has to wear it and fight. Mother says her husband will not. Rashmi also backs. Veer warns her to shut her mouth and says Shivani’s mamaji’s also followed ritual and he escaped somehow, but Rashmi’s father will be saved. Jageer says ritual has to be followed. Maldawali says she will not go against her husband and Gulguli is resting in her room. Rangeela asks Sarkar to stop Veer and his unjust rituals, he has to change Berahampur. Sarkar says he cannot do anything, he will give judgment to the majority. Rangeela says he needs his opinion. Sarkar says Rangeela, Rashmi and Manmeet are on side. Maldawali, Jageer, and Veer are on other side. Now, once Gulguli wakes up. Veer asks Rangeela to go and prepare wrestling ground.

Maldawali sees Jageer wandering in room and asks him why he is tensed, Rashmi should be instead. He says Rashmi’s Veer will kill Rashmi’s father. Nobody bothers about his opinion and does not care about him, so he is restless.

Rashmi gets worried for her father. Father tells Rangeela that Manmeet praised a lot about him and asks to find solution. Rangeela says he will fight with Veer and shows a special slippery oil. He smears it on his hand and asks Manmeet to pull it. Manmeet pulls hand and it slips. Rangeela says Veer cannot catch father all. Father happily hugs Rangeela.


Ghulaam 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shamsher speaks to Veer over phone and informs that 4 men who attacked sarkar before will attack him tomorrow again. Shivani informs it to Rangeela.

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