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Ghulaam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Veer gets guns and says Shivani that she challenged him. He says he will make her sleep on his bed in 3 days, else he will shoot himself. In the morning, mamaji does pooja while Raneela does exercise. Manju gets tea for mamaji. He sips and keeps cup aside. Manju asks if he did not like tea. He says he is habituated to drink Shivani’s prepared tea since ages, now he wil be habituated to her tea. Rangeela’s insane mother/amma gets Rangeela’s money and happily shouts that she got lots of money and will buy lots of kulfi now. Rangeela hugs her and reminiscing mimicking her in front of Veer and Shivani apologizes her. She sees him sad and offers a note. Rangeela tells Manju that she has to go malkin/Shivani.

Maldawali prepares orange juice mixing herbs and thinks with these herbs, Shivani will become infertile and will not bear children, so she will bear child instead and will rule over Berahampur.

Shivani reminisces Rangeela slapping her, Maladwali telling her cheek’s photo will be fixed to the wall. Veer comes speaking over phon and ordering he need courier by 2 days, else he does not know what he can do. Maldawali brings juice for Shivani, but Veer picks it. She says it is for Shivani. Veer say women eat men’s leftover and asks Shivani if she needs his leftover juice. Shivani says he can finish it. Veer finishes and gives glass back to Maldawali. Maldawali gets very nervous.

Gulguli tells Bhisma that she wants to celebrate lath holi this time. He says in berahampur women themselves are lath/wooden rod and are treated like object. Manju and Balam enter in lieu of thanking Gulguli for her help. Gulguli punishes Balam. Manju says she prayed brought laddoo prasad for for her bahus after praying for babies. Gulguli asks to give it to Shivani then. Manju and Balam give ladoo to shivani and return her ring and says Rangeela returned it and said he does not want to insult her, but cannot accept it.

Shivani asks them about Rangeela’s mother and how Rangeela became ghulaam. Balam tells they don’t know about Rangeela’s father. His mother was pregnant somehow and Rangeela was born in mental hospital and lived with her mother there till he was 5 years old. Hospital warden sells Rangeela to a criminal for 3 lakhs, but Bhisma rescues Rangeela and takes him as his Ghulam to serve Veer.


Ghulaam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby Veer tells his amma that Berahampur’s maalik saved her and he has become maalik’s Ghulam. Amma says he is ghulaam and she is ghulaam’s amma.

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