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Ghulaam 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Rangeela pulls chariot with Veer and Shivani sitting behind. Veer sings My Heart is as usual and asks Shivani to question her Ghulaam whatever she wants. Shivani continues crying. Veer insists. Shivani asks why did Rangeela betray her. Rangeela says he told already that he is obeying his god/Veer’s order and will do whatever he says. Veer asks him how did he lure Shivani and marry her. Rangeela says he knew Shivani does not believe in love, so he directly targeted her uncle and aunt with fake kundali and they fell for his promise of no dowry, within 72 hours he could throw Shivani in front of Veer’s feet. Veer laughs and gets down to urinate. Shivani sees Rangeela sweating and short of breath and offers him water. Rangeela asks if she poisoned water to take revenge. She says no. He says she is lucky to have Veer as husband and should never think of eloping, else she will be killed or torture. Veer comes and slaps him and asks whom he is talking to, Shivani has eloped. He orders Rangeela to catch her. Rangeela holding gun searches her around.

Shivani’s uncle and aunt come to Berahampur. Inspector shows them Shivani’s purse and car and tells accidents do happen here often. They both start crying.

Rangeela catches a passing by a cycle rickshaw and finds a couple traveling. He forces man to show woman’s face. Veer angrily searches Shivani and thinks where did she escape. He angrily calls Rangeela. Rangeela apologizes for his mistake and says he will find girl soon. Veer kicks him down and picks iron rod to torture him. Shivani returns to chariot and asks to stop. Rangeela angrily points gun on her and asks where she had been. She says she was feeling nauseous, so went aside to vomit and then returned. Veer warns him not to shout at his boss and orders to pull back chariot fast.

Rangeela pulls chariot till temple door. Veer lifts Shivani from horse and gets back sprain. Rangeela asks what happened. Veer says back sprain. Rangeela asks if he can climb stairs. Veer says he is a girl and walks holding Shivani’s hand. Shivani resists. Veer scolds if she also got sprain or what and forces her to walk. Halfway Shivani stops and says she is feeling drowsy. Veer lifts her and says she has to climb stairs, even if she dies. He feels pain again and orders Rangeela to lift and take her up. Rangeela lifts her and walks. Serial’s background music plays. Sadhu passes by and blesses Shivani and Rangeela thinking them as couple. Veer scolds that he is Shivani’s husband. They reach temple door. Gulguli bhabhi come out and watch ghulam lifting shivani. Bhabhi taunts husband is walking in front and gulam is lifting wife. Gulguli asks what misbehavior is this. Veer says he got sprain and girl does not want to climb, so he ordered ghulaam Gulguli orders ghulam to stand near door and walks in.

Ghulaam 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Gulguli shows dough laddoos to Shivani and says one has poison in it, she has will toss a coin and if it is head, Shivani will eat a laddoo and if it is tail, she will walk on burning coal.

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