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Ghulaam 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ghulaam 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Doctor walks towards door to inform Veer that Manju has baby girl. Shivani acts as writhing in pain and then throws chilli powder on doctors and then pepper spray. They both collapse. Shivani then short circuits ultrasonography machine and Manju beats doctors for trying to kill her baby. Shivani takes her via window out. Rangeela receives them and asks Manju if she is fine. She says yes. Shivani says she short circuited machine and saved other women also. Veer and Gulguli wait for Manju to return. Veer says it will be very exciting if Manju has baby girl. Gulguli says it is already late, why did not Manju return. Veer breaks door and sees docs on floor and Manju and other woman escaping via window. Gulguli says machine is also spoilt. Veer says Rangeela rescues Manju.

Back home, Manju thanks Shivani for saving her. Shivani says she did not do anything. Balam says he will take Manju to Delhi right now. Rangeela asks him to wait for a day till issue resolves.

Veer points gun at old woman and asks who was behind veil. She says she will die, but will not open up. Gulguli says burn her house and kill her family. Old woman says it was Shivani under veil. Gulguli asks Veer to kill Rangeela as he filled courage in old woman and Shivani and is trying to ruin their age old rituals.

Rangeela dorns veil on Shivani and asks if she was not afraid. She says yes, Gulguli wanted to see her face and old woman was silent. She signaled woman and then she told I have conjunctivitis, then Gulguli backed off and got afraid. She says she will accompany him in his mission hereon and will help him. He hugs her and she feels shy.

Jageer tries to remove bangles from his hands with difficulty. Maldwali helps him and asks why he wears this. He is not angry on her as she is an outsider, but his family insulted him a lot, so when panch see him walking as woman, they will force Veer to stop me, then Veer will plead me to change my dress, I will take revenge then.

Rangeela goes to Panch. Panchs get afraid seeing him. He says he did not come with bomb this time and says they helped Veer in his heinous act of kill baby girl, but did not oppose when Veer’s brother Jageer is walking as woman, they should force Veer to kill even Jageer and says he will change rules here and will take revenge of baby girl’s murder.


Ghulaam 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rangeela tells nobody can stop Manju bhabhi from going out of Berahampur, whoever interrupts will die. Shivani they have to eradicate the ritual completely and wants to request Rangeela something again.