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Ghulaam 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 30th March 2017 video watch online on

Rangeela lifts Shivani and says she was showing her boldness and now will see his boldness. He walks towards door. Shivani gets tensed seeing Veer and Bhisma in hall and pleads to leave her. He takes her to room and dances romantically on Mere haath me tera haath ho…song..plays in the background. Shivani is in kitchen preparing kheer and realizes it was her dream.

Rashmi serves snacks to Manmeet and he asks for water. He gets water. He asks for more snacks. She says it is over. She scolds her and goes to sleep.

Once Shivani moves aside, Maldawali mixes something in kheer and smirks that Shivani will not eat it. Rashmi notices it and once Maldawali leaves, she throws kheer and prepares another for Shivani and takes some for Rashmi.

Rangeela’s amma asks mamaji to give her 200 rs. He says he does not have and asks if she wants to have ice cream. She says last time Rangeela brought her bought for 200 rs, she wants bahu back, she wants to wear goggles and dance with bahu and enjoy a lot. Mamaji says she did not have anything since morning and should have something. She says she will have only after bahu comes.

Rashmi takes kheer for Manmeet and wakes him up. He angrily wakes up and pulls her hair. She shows kheer. He scolds she took so much time, he does not need it. She insists. He eats kheer and says it is very tasty and bites her a spoon. She smiles. He says he is seeing her smiling for the first time, she smiles good.

Maldawali goes to Veer and brainwashes that Shivani wants to dance with Rangeela and reminds of their intimacy. Veer says he trusts Rangeela. She says what about Shivani, she can do anything. Veer calls Shivani and asks if she wants to dance, he will make her dance. Gulguli says let her dance or jump, but eat well and increase her weight. Veer calls Rangeela and says Shivani wants to dance, so he will make her dance in Berahampur style. Rangeela gets tensed. Bhisma asks Veer what he will do. He says he will see blood dance today. Rangeela brings paint. Veer asks to make a circle and tie bottles on it. Maldawali brings Shivani. Bhisma asks why he tied bottles up. Veer says he will blindfold himself and shoot bottles and Shivani will dance on broken bottle. Gululi says how will Shivani dance on broken bottle. Veer says she will dance even on burning coal. Maldawali laughs that Shivani is tensed. Veer asks Shivani to pray that he misses target and orders Shivani to start dancing. Shivani looks at Rangeela eagerly.


Ghulaam 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer asks Rangeela to blind fold him and rotate bottles. He then shoots at bottles blindfolded.

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