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Ghulaam 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update


Gululi orders Rangeela to stay outside temple and takes Shivani and Veer into temple. Shivani with other villagers prays god to protect her. Rangeela enters in and gives something to Gulguli. A villager tries to pass in and pushes Rangeela who in turn pushes Gulguli. Rangeela stands next to Shivani. Veer walks near idol, slits his thumb and makes Tilak, drags Shivani with him and says and says she has accepted him as husband and will live and die with him now.

Back home, Rangeela does Veer’s back massage and says his backache will vanish with hot oil. Veer says he lifted and threw big wrestlers in dangal/wrestling ground, but today got backache lifting a 40 kg girl. Rangeela suggests to call doc. Veer says no.

Bhabhi with Rashmi fills pots with grocery and says after husband and wife’s suhagraat, these pots will be dropped in water praying only boy will be born. As son as woman gets pregnant, instead of distribution, s*x determination machine is brought in and if girl baby is found, then she is aborted. Shivani asks if there is no law and order here. Gulguli enters and says Shivani is from small town, but seems too advanced, so knows if she is virgin or not. She should test her virginity now with a vigorous examination. She takes shivani and other bahus to living area and asks Shivani to walk on burning coal to prove her virginity. Shivani starts crying. Gulguli says she has another option, she shows 10 laddoos and says 9 have poison and 1 does not, if she eats poisoned one then she is not virgin. Shivani cries more. Gulguli tosses a coin and says if she gets head, she will walk on burning coal and if tail, she will eat laddoo. Rangeela’s friend Baalam brings doctor and says Veer sent doc to check Shivani’s virginity. Gulguli warns to get out, else she will throw burning coal on her. Bhabhi says Veer has kidnapped doc, so she should let her check Shivani. Gulguli agrees. Doc takes Shivani into a room.

Rangeela continues massing Veer and Veer says his massage worked wonders and asks how did he get doctor’s idea. Rangeela reminisces Bhabhi and Gulguli discussing about Shivani’s virginity test. He kidnaps doc and promises he will drop her back safe if she helps him, asks Baalam to take her in. He tells Veer that Berahampur people are using AK47, then why should they used old techniques instead of doctor. Veer says today is his suhagraat and whole night casino will be open.

Doc comes out. Gulguli asks if result is positive or negative. Doc say positive and says in this modern era, she stil believes in superstition, it is really bad. Gulguli yells and asks servant to bring wooden rod. Doc runs away. Rangeela blindfolds her again and asks Baalam to drop her back home safely. Doc says in this cruel village, he is a ray of hope.

Ghulaam 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:

Shivani blocks door with chair. Veer kicks door and opens it. He gives gun powder to Shivani and asks to apply it on her bad, he wants to know how she smells and if she does not apply before he counts 3, she knows what he can do.

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