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Ghulaam 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Veer asks Gulguli give her judgment if Rashmi’s father should wrestle or not. Rashmi gets tensed that Gulguli will take ritual’s side. Gulguli shows langot/underwear to Rashmi’s father and then goes to Sarkar and says he will not wear langot or fight with Veer. Veer is shocked and asks to think well and take decision. Sarkar warns him not to interfere. Gulguli says Manmeet and Rashmi did not marry at all, then there is not question of fight. Manmeet says she is right, Rashmi is pure as she came here. Gulguli says Veer dropped burning coal in Rashmi’s mouth and pheras did not happen at all. Sarkar says then decision is final, greets Rashmi’s parents and says they can stay here till they want and asks Manmeet to open guest house and serve them well.

Veer asks Gulguli why did she cancel fight, he does not have desire to fight with Rashmi’s father, he was just following ritual. Gulguli says she did this to show sarkar that she loves him more than his children. She has 3 children, but loves Veer more and will do only good for him.

Jageer tells Maldawali that it is proved Manmeet and Rashmi did not marry at all, but the love each other. Rashmi’s parents came to meet her, but he never saw Maldawali’s family or heard about them. She thinks she is here just for Rangeela and his love and will get Shivani out of her way.

Shivani pampers Shamsher’s wife Jyotsna and says she must be needing tea, so will bring it. She goes towards kitchen and hears Shamsher speaking to someone and planing against Sarkar. She informs Rangeela who asks her to stay there and know his plan. He then gets romantic and asks her to kiss him. She gets shy. At night, Shivani has dinner with Shamsher. Shamsher asks why her friends don’t come in front of her. Shivani says they work whole day, so get tired and stay in their room. Shamsher asks to bring chilli. Shivani thinks only 1 min left for 9 p.m. and Shamsher will get a call from his aide. She acts as having backache. Shamsher gets call and goes aside. Shivani follows him and hears him speaking to Veer and telling his 4 men will enter haveli and kill sarkar. She informs Rangeela.


Ghulaam 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shamsher calls Veer and says his 4 men did not come out of haveli since 1 hour, if Rangeela caught them. Rangeela punishes men and asks who sent them to kill Sarkar.