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Ghulaam 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Shivani wakes up and finds herself surrounded by fire. She pleads for help. Gulguli comes with Rashmi and asks Veer to save Shivani. Veer holds Gulguli’s hand and says he has issues Shivani’s death order and nobody can cancel it. Gulguli forcefully frees her hand and jumps in to rescue Shivani, but fire increases. Veer shouts to leave Shivani and come out. Gulguli ges Shivani out of fire. Veer checks Gulguli and scolds why did she risk her life for this cheap girl. He then tortures Shivani. Jageer confronts, but Veer holds gun on him. Gulguli slaps Veer and warns to leave the girl as he is alive because of this girl. She tells him about panditji checking his kundali and telling to get him married in 101 hours to save his life, so she ordered Rangeela to get a girl within 101 hours.Veer says he does not care about his life. Gulguli says she can do anything for his son’s life and asks him to promise that he will not kill Shivani. Veer helplessly promises her and leaves.

Gulguli then tries to hold Shivani’s neck, but stops due to severe pain in her hand. Kinner checks and says her hand is severely burnt and takes her out to apply medicine. In living room, Kinner applies medicine to Gulguli and Gulguli scolds it is paining. Manmeet comes and laughs on Gulguli. Bhisma scolds him he is laughing on his mother. Manmeet says when his wife’s tongue was burnt, amma laughed and now he is laughing. He orders Rashmi to laugh. Bhisma shouts at him to get out. Kinner asks Manmeet if he needs drugs or not. Manmeet leaves.

Rangeela brings arthi items and says Veer ordered it for Shivani. Bhisma scolds him. Rangeela says it his god/Veer’s order. He then sees Gulguli’s hand burnt and gets herbal paste for her. Kinner holds his hand and seductively says let her apply. She applies medicine.

Veer brings doc. Gulguli says her son brought doc for her. Doc fills injection and Gulguli shouts she does not need injection. Doc walks towards Shivani. Veer says with this injection, Shivani will go into coma. Bhisma stops him and says if Shivani gets into coma, her punishment will not be complete and Veer should torture her each day for her mistake.

Rashmi consoles Shivani and gets food to eat with her. She sees Shivani’s uncle and aunt’s pic and asks who are they. Shivani says her uncle and aunty. Rangeela wrongly alleged them that they sold her for money, but when she closed her eyes and looked at her past, she realized her uncle and aunt cannot betray her. Kinner comes and says Veer poisoned this food. Rashmi throws her plate, but Shivani continues eating. Kinner laughs that she was joking and asks Shivani if she is not afraid of death. Shivani says she now realized he value of her life in this house and anyways she is dying each day here.

Precap: Gulguli drops cold water on Shivani and says it is ritual before suhagraat and says Kinner will drop rest of 20 pot water o Shivani, she brought it from a temple spring.

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