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Ghulaam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Babul continues describing Rangeela’s childhood story to Shivani. He describe how Rangeela became Bhisma and his children’s Ghulaam and goes into flashback where Bhism gives money to Rangeela and he shows it happily to Veer, Manmeet and Jageer. Gulguli says Bhisma that he is overpampering Rangeela. Bhisma says people buy weapon for protecting, but he is preparing live weapon Rangeela as his ghulaam. He gets a call and asks Rangeela to cut his birthday cake. Veer stops Rangeela and cuts cake instead. Manmeet says he should reward ghulaam. Veer says he has special gift for him outside and not to inform sarkar about it. Rangeela goes to his room and finds his amma there. Amma asks where was he. He says sarkar saved him and he is sarkars ghulaam now. Balam continues that Rangeela thinks being Ghulam is a pride for him. Shivani cries hearing Rangeela’s story.

Manmeet maks paper rockets and throws on floor. Rashmi picks them. Manmeet says her devrani’s lashing ceremony happened before her, he is at mistake, apologizes and then laughs and asks how to beat her, with stick or with his kicks.. Rashmi shivers in fear.

Veer goes to wrestling ground writhing with stomach pain. Bhisma asks if he does not want to wrestle today. Veer says no, he is not feeling well and lies on cot. Rangeela comes on his bike and says ministere had called and told commando will infiltrate Berahampur tonight and Aryan is heading team. Veer orders to tighten security and not be lenient this time. Rangeela says he will take care of security himself and will not let anyone come in. Aryan as bangle seller enters. Rangeela stops and checks him and says he did not ssee him before. He says he is chandu’s brother and Chandu is ill, so he came. Rangeela after checking lets him in.

Manju gets Shivani’s prepared kheer for mamaji. Mamaji gets very happy seeing shivani’s kheer. Rangeela’s amma snatches kheer. Balam gives her money and asks to have ice cream. Mamaji shares kheer with amma.

Aryan as bangle seller shows bangles shows bangles to Gulguli and Maldawali. They like it a lot. Shivani comes and Gulguli insist to selec some bangles. She says no. Gulguli scolds her. Aryan says he needs to go to bathroom. Maldawali direct him. He goes to bathroom, takes out transmitter from his shoe and fixes it to a wall and thinks commondo Raghav’s sacrifice will not go waste, he will infiltrate Berahampur tonight and destroy it. He then goes back. Rashmi comes and identifies him. He asks 500 rs change from Gulguli and gives another note to Rashmi with a message that notes have chip and he is infiltrating Berahampur tomorrow.


Ghulaam 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer orders Shivani that she should shoot whenever she sees enemy. She says she cannot. He orders. She shoots at him.

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