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Ghulaam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 4th April 2017 watch online on

Veer forces Rangeela to exercise with stomach injuries and enjoys seeing him in pain. Rageela falls down and his wounds start bleeding. Veer forces him that he should not have mercy for anyone except Shivani. He continues forcing him to do exercise. Shivani on the other side ears sport shoes on her injured legs. Veer then spares Rangeela and asks to finish his work. He pampers and feeds him water then. Shivani on the other side thinks she will run for sure today.

Maldawali returns to her room. Jageer does her aarti and says he was waiting for devi since 1 hour, but she did not come and ask for tea. She says she was dressing Sihvangi’s injuries. He says she would have at least chatted with him romantically and gifts her silver jewelry. She throws it aside. He says they are going to Delhi and he is going to ask his property share from sarkaar, if he gets it, he will gift her diamond jewelry. Maldawali thinks her life is in Rangeela and she will not get away from him, will send Jageer alone.

Sarkar/Bhisma fumes in front of Gulguli describing how Jageer misbehaved with him. Gulguli pleads that whatever Jageer is, he is his son, so he should be lenient on Jageer. Bhisma says Jageer does not have a single quality of him. She asks to calm down.

Rangeela and Veer wait for Shivani near wrestling ground. Veer says it is evening and Shivani will not come. Rangeela says she will come. Shivani comes holding Rashmi. Rangeela asks her to run around wrestling ground 25 times. She slowly runs limping. Veer orders him to tie her to his bike and then force her to run. Rashmi resists, but Veer orders her to stand aside.

Bhisma cleans his gun. Gulguli requests him to keep gun aside as Jageer is coming. Bhisma asks what he should do then. Gulguli silently takes gun and keeps aside. Jageer enters and starts witty talks. Bhisma fumes. Jageer says he wants to shift to Delhi.

Rangeela ties Shivani to his bike and forces her to run behind it. She falls down. Rangeela gets concerned. Veer orders Rangeela to force her to get up and run.


Ghulaam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer tries to slap Rangeela, but Jageer stops him and pushes Veer. Rangeela pins Jageer down and says he tried to hit maalik, he will not spare Jageer.

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