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Ghulaam 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shamsher’s 4 men enter haveli and tell guards that they came to meet Sarpanch Veer. They exercise and wait for Sarkar. They see sarkar’s pagri and search him to attack. Rangeela catches them and punishes. Shamsher calls Veer and informs that his 4 men did not come out of haveli and to check of Rangeela captured them. Veer starts searching them and sarkar. Rangeela punishes men and asks to inform who sent them and what is their motto. Sarkar also trashes them. Rangeela says they are Shamsher’s men and came to kill him. Men say they are Shamsher’s men, but did not come to kill him and give him a letter. Bheem reads Shamsher’s letter that he is sending his 4 wrestlers for his blessings. Bheem scolds Rangeela.

Veer searches sarkar and Rangeela and does not find them in whole haveli. Rashmi’s parents nail wall and fix something. Veer passes towards them, but stops seeing Gulguli and asks her if she saw sarkar. She says no. They see Rashmi’s parents standing silently and ask what are they doing here. They say just looking at haveli’s security. Veer says nobody can dare enter his haveli. They act as leaving. Veer and Gulguli then search Rangeela’s room and do not find Rangeela and Sarkar. Gulguli sees Shanti alone and thinks of troubling her. Shamsher calls back Veer and informs him that his men returned following his trick.

Rangeela calls Shivani and informs that Shamsher’s goons escaped due to his mistake, he would have caught them red handed and then exposed them instead of catching them first. He asks her to be careful as Shamsher realized someone in his house is helping. Shivani asks him not to worry and hides mobile in flower vase.

Gulguli forces alcohol into sleeping Shanti’s throat and finishes half bottle. Rangeela enters and rescues Shanti and warns Gulguli why don’t she mend her ways even after Sarkar’s warning. He goes to get lemon water for Shanti. Shanti forces remaining half bottle into Gulguli’s throat. Rangeela returns and is shocked. Gulguli says she will inform sarkar. Rangeela says she is inebriated and should rest in this room till she is sober, he will get lemon water for both of them.

Shamsher realizes that someone in his house is passing information to Rangeela via mobile. He reminisces Shivani and searches whole house. He picks vase and looks into it. Shivani comes with Shamsher’s wife and gets tensed.


Ghulaam 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Maldawali tells Jageer that since Rashmi’s parents came, they have not gone at all and are not pleading to spare their daughter. Rangeela finds cameras behind portrait and asks Rashmi’s parents what they are up to.

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