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Ghulaam 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Shivani cries looking at her bridal dress. Rangeela comments that things will not change if she turns back. She asks how can he thinking of remarrying when he is already married to her. He says he did no marry or promise her, he was just obeying maalik. She realizes it was just her imagination. Real Rangeela enters and Shivani shouts if he thinks their marriage was fake, he should take away bridal dress. He should return even her anklet kept in his wallet as she was the girl in Bholenath’s cave that day. She continues venting her anger out and realizes he is real this time. He gives wedding card and says maalik ordered that Radhika’s barat will go from this house and Shivani will see her off. He returns her anklet and says they both are shiv bhakts and pray shivji.

Veer watches everything with Maldawali on CCTV camera and comments Shivani’s proposal and Rangeela’s resistance, let us see till when Shivani will cry and what Rangelea will do. Maldawali says Rangeela will be only hers and not Shivani’s.

Sarkar is busy with panchayath people and gives them orders. Jageer enters and says even he want to join panchayath. Sarkar laughs what will he do in panchayath. Jageer gives Rangeela’s wedding celebration plan and asks to check it once. Sarkar says he decided everything alone. Jageer says he is busy with panchayath work, so did not disturb him. He then starts brainwashing him against Veer that he decided Rangeela’s marriage and has taken over Sarkar completely.

Raneela repairs hand pump and sees Radhika watching him. He angrily pumps. Veer asks what happened to him. Rangeela says he does not want to marry. Veer promises that he will ged him married to whoever he selects. Rangeela says he does not want to marry crying girl/Radhika. Veer says he knows what is in his mind and before pheras if he changes his mind, he can walk out.

Shivani continues crying in her home. Maldawali enters and asks if she does not want to go to Rangeela’s house with shagun, she knows she loves Rangeela a lot and wants to stop this marriage, so she will help her and will stay out while she goes in and pours her heart out in front of Rangeela. Shivani goes to Rangeel’s house with shagun gifts. Ragneela silently watches. She starts pouring her heart out and says their marriage is not a coincidence, it is god’s wish. She continues. Rangeela silently hears. Veer hears their conversation via microphone fixed in shagun gifts and eagerly waits for Rangeela to open up.


Ghulaam 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jageer shows spray poison to Maldawali and says it is Rangeela’s death.

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