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Ghulaam 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 6th April 2017 watch online HD on 

Shivangi eats high calorie food to save Rangeela from being hanged. Rangeela weighs her and they both get happy seeing her weighing 50 liters. They inform Bhisma and Gulguli. Whole family gathers. Manmeet insists he will sit on weighing machine before Shivani. Gulguli sends him aside and makes Shivani sit on weighing machine. They keep milk can and add 50 liters milk. Milk weighs heavier. Maldawali taunts. Jageeer removes ½ liter milk and says Rangeela failed and should be hanged.

Maldawali reminisces hearing Shivani thanking god for increasing her weight and saving her husband’s life. Jageer mixes fat cutter power into juice and asks Maldawali to give it to Shivani, it will reduce at least ½ kg. She says she is jealous of Shivani, if he is also jealous. He says he is jealous of Ghulam Rangeela and wants to see him hanged. Maldawali thinks she loves Rangeela, but loves herself more.

Rangeela weighs Shivani repeatedly. Jageer taunts him to give his neck measurement for noose. Rangeela boasts his usual dialogue that he can run boat without water and run electricity without wire, he will hug death with both hands tomorrow. Bhisma says they make rules, so Rangeela will not be hanged. Jageer taunts that his brother Veer ordered Rangeela’s death sentence and it is a question of his pride. Veer sadly says Rangeela will be hanged tomorrow. Jageer and Maldawali smirk.

Veer starts drinking heavily and asks Rangeela to join. Rangeela says he cannot drink with maalik, he will go and spend time with amma now. Veer says he will send money to his amma every month for sure. Bhisma comes and tells again that they make rules, so Veer should break his order. Rangeela says he cannot let his maalik’s head bend in pride and is ready to die. He touches Bhisma’s feet and Bhisma blesses him.


Ghulaam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap  :Rangeela gives money to his mother and says he is going far away tomorrow. She says even she will accompany him. He says she cannot. Shivani prays god to save her husband. Jageer thinks Rangeela will die for sure today.