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Ghulaam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 7th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Mamaji, Balam, and his wife eagerly wait for Rangeela to return. Rangeela returns. Mamaji says he cannot sacrifice his life to disloyal bosses like this. Balam says he should disobey order this time, they will leave Berahampur silently tonight. Rangeela says he is not afraid of death and will not disobey. His amma comes and asks where was he, she did not get sleep without him. He asks her to go in, he will come and make her sleep. She goes in. Rangeela shatters and cries loudly. Mamaji says as he knows Shivani, she will be praying whole night for her husband’s life and even gods won’t disregard a suhagan’s prayer. Shivani is seen praying god to save her husband and Jageer seeing her smirks that her husband will die for sure tomorrow. Rangeela gives money to his amma and says he is going far away tomorrow. She says even she will come. He says she cannot come. She insists. He says he is going to get an ice cream factory for her. She gets very happy. He asks her not to trouble anyone when he is not around. She says she will. He says then he will not get ice cream factory. She says she will not trouble then till he returns with a big ice cream factory.

Veer continues drinking heavily. Jageer comes and starts his witty talks. Veer asks him to leave, he will lose control. Jageer says they are Sarkar’s children, but Rangeela is a servant and he will get many servants, he should concentrate on Shivani. Veer says once Rangeela is dead, he will force Shivani to marry him.

Next day, Rangeela’s hanging prerituals start. Pandit performs pooja and says his father has to give him bathe and after his death should perform his last rights. Veer says Rangeela does not have father. Rangeela says Veer will perform his last rights. Bhisma comes forward and says he will perform rituals. Pandit says he has to shave his beard first and then after Rangeela’s death get his head tonsured as per Berahampur’s rules. Bhisma gets his beard shaved and drops water on Rangeela. Jageer murmurs not to meet him again in next life. Manmeet does ritual next. Rangeela tells he established haveli temple and wants to pray there once. Bhisma permits.

Rangeela goes to haveli temple. Shivani comes running and stands next to him. Rangeela apologizes for troubling her a lot and says she can ask anything. She says she wants to hug him once.


Ghulaam 8th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Rangeela’s hanging rituals start. Veer carries him on palanquin towards hanging noose.