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Ghulaam 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Rangeela over phone tells Shivani that situation is changing in Berahampur for good, earlier no woman could speak in front of Sarkar, but today Gulguli held his collar and misbehaved with him, but he did not lose his calm. Shivani says that means change is inevitable. He passes in corridor and corrects shaking painting. Camera falls from behind painting. He takes it to Rashmi’s parent’s and asks why did they keep camera under painting, what is their motto. Father says he wants to destroy Berahampur’s ruthless rules and cannot withstand Veer’s face hearing how he tortured Rashmi. Rangeela says even he wants to change Berhampur for good. Father says until his and Shivani’s marriage, they will gather evidence against Veer and give it to STF. Rangeela says he will plead for mercy for sarkar and will destroy Veer’s lanka.

Rangeela then meets Sarkar who says Rashmi’s parents have come to take her back, we did injustice to Rashmi by holding her here without her marriage with Manmeet, he will send her back with her parents. He asks Raangeela get ready for jal abhishek. Rangeela says people will think it will be injustice to Veer, so he should arrange wrestling match between him and Veer and whoever wins will do jal abishek. Shivani hears their conversation and fumes that Rangeela is brainwashing Sarkar. She goes to sarkar and says she will not let Rangeela brainwash him like his mother does, he is a big lier like his mother. Sarkar slaps her and warns to be in her limits.

Sanyukta shows wedding dress to Shivani and says her parents had bought this for her wedding, but she was kidnapped by Shamsher and forcefully got her married, so she could not wear it, Shivani can wear it on her wedding after changing design. Shivani says she will be honored. Maldawali enters. Shivani shows her dress. Maldawali says she is lucky to have so many loved ones around her, even she prayed for her and brought special flowers for her, these will emit positive energy and make her feel good, she should keep them in her room. She thinks she spayed toxic chemical on flowers and slowly fumes will choke Shivani and kill her, then Rangeela will be all hers.

Rashmi gets worried for her father hearing he is still ill. Manmeet brings tea for her parents. Mother says he has to come to Delhi and find a suitable boy for Rashmi. He gets sad. Rashmi says she will not marry. Manmeet says he got a call from STF and Rashmi’s father has to record Veer’s arms factory video and send it to them. Father gifts painting to sarkar. Rangeela unwraps painting. Sarkar is happy seeing his painting. Rangeela suggests to show him arms factory, market, temple, etc and get them painted. Sarkar permits. Rangeela says he will show arms factory first. Veer enters says he cannot allow outsider see their factory for security reasons and cannot break rules. Sarkar apologizes Rashmi’s father and asks to see something else. Rangeela thinks how will they record arms factory movement videos and send them to STF, how will he destroy Veer’s lanka now.


Ghulaam 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shivani chokes due to toxic fumes from flowers and tells Sanyukta that she feels as if someone is choking her. Sanyukta calls Rangeela and asks to come over soon as Shivani’s condition is worse.

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