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Ghulaam 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 8th March 2017 Watch Online on

Commando Aryan spreads hypnotizing gas around haveli and whole Chaudry family falls unconscoius after smelling gas. Manmeet grips him from behind and asks who is he. Aryan says he brought heroin for him. Manmeet asks where is it. Aryan overpowers him and Manmeet collapses. He then gathers everyone in living room and boats that he alone defeated Berahampur’s Chaudhry family. He is taking commondo Raghav’s revenge.

Shivangi pleads guard to let her go in as she feels something is wrong. Guard saays he is oor and cannot forgo boss’s order. She acts as collapsing. Guard runs to get help. She gets up and runs into haveli and sees Aryan is about to shoot Chaudhry family and shouts. He runs behind her and she runs near her room. He runs into room and shouts he will not spare

her. She locks door from outside and sprinkles water on Rangeela. Rangeela then wakes up Veer and Bhisma. Veer orders Rangeela to go and attack infiltrator from back door while he atttacks form front. He opens door and attacks Aryan, but Aryan escapes. Rangeela does not find Aryan in haveli and orders guards to seal Berahampurs entrance.

Bhisma sprinkles water on Gulguli and others and wakes them up. Shivani tells family how she found Aryan tryinng to shoot them all, she ran towards room and when Aryan entered room, she locked him instead and informed them. Gulguli pampers and praises her. She tells Bhisma that panditji’s words are true, Shivani is boon for them. Bhisma orders Veer to name their factory’s new gun in Shivani’s name.

After sometime, Shivani gets into room. Veer laughs that she is a fool to save her enemy. Shivani tells her mamaji taught to follow patni dharma. He says so she saved him. She says she saved Rangeela as she considers him her husband and for her marriage happens once. Veer fumes. She then goes out. Rangeela calls her. She asks if he called her, shyingly. He says no and thinks he should apologize her for misunderstanding him.

Shivani then goes in and brings money and offers it to Rangeela. He says he does not need tips. She says she is not that rich to give tips, she wants to feed some poor as her usband/Rangeela is safe. She sees temple from her window and he can feed poor there. Rangeela accepts and leaves.


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