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Ghulaam 9th February 2017 Written Update


Ghulaam 9th February 2017 Written Update and Ghulaam 9th February 2017 video watch online

Shivani helpless swinging in air on cot pleads Veer to spare her mamaji, else he will die. Bhisma orders Veer to continue throwing mamaji and twist him like sugarcane. Maldawali records video from balcony. Shivani warns Veer to spare her mamaji, else she will jump down. Veer says jump if she dares to. Shivani jumps. Rangeela enters and holds her. Veer slaps Rangeela and scolds how dare he is to come back. Rangeela says minisger has come with SP and was coming here, so he stopped them and came to call him. Shivani runs towards mamaji. Veer again lifts mamji to break his neck when Rangeela pleads to leave mamaji as minister is waiting. Veer says let him wait. Bhisma orders Veeer to leave mamaji as already he is broken half and will die writhing in pain. Veer leaves mamaji and walks out. Shivani runs and holds mamaji. Rangeela’s friends salute Raneela and tell bhabiji does not know that Rangeela saved mamaji.

Veer and Bhisma meet minister and SP and show new gun made in their factory. Minister checks and asks how to check it. Veer asks him to try on Rangeela. SP says he cannot let him shoot anyone. Veer warns she should shoot Rangeela or else he will shoot him. Minister tries, but cannot shoot. Veer then takes it and shoot in air and tells it has fingerprint scanner and only his finger were fed in it, so minister could not shoot. Minister praises that they have surpassed even govt weapons. Veer praises Rangeela that he did not know about fingerprint scanner, even then he obeyed orders and stood, he passed his Ghulaam/servant test. Bhisma says he is right, nobody can match Rangeela in ghulami and orders to serve food.

Gulguli prepares food. Shivani pleads her to save her mamaji. Gulguli yells that she has to prepare food for minister. Maldawali asks Gulguli to listen what Shivani wants to say.

SP tells Bhisma and Veer that he wants to clear Berahampur’s name from cruelty. Veer jokes that he knows only to shoot and insert burning hot rod. Bhisma jokes. Shivani comes and says she needs to talk. Rangeela says introduces her as Veer’s wife and asks her to go in, he will get her different grocery. SP says she can speak. Shivani pleads to save her from Veer and family and tells him whole incident. SP says they cannot hold Shivani like this. Minister says it is their family issue, so they cannot interfere.

Veer asks Rangeela to take SP to their casino. Rangeela takes SP to casino and walks back asking him to enjoy. Minister enjoys food with Veer and Bisma. Shivani continues pleading minister to save her. SP comes back and says he will not tolerate this jungle raaj. Rangeela comes with his tab and shows video to minister. Veer says after seeing video SP will run from here. Rangeela shows video in which minister is dancing with bar dancers on Aaa Re Preetam Pyare…song…Veer jokes he will scratch SP’s back and SP should scratch his back and asks Shivani to get in.

Ghulaam 10th February 2017 Written Update Precap : Bhisma as a punishment asks Shivani to touch honeybee comb, else she will be shot. Shivani says she will not. Veer forces her.

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