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Ghulaam 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Ghulaam 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Ghulaam 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

Gulguli washes Bhisma’s feet and seeing him tensed requests to calm down. Bhisma says he defeated big wrestlers in his lifetime and a single man today proved that anybody can enter Berahampur easily and kill them all in seconds. He built his kingdom in 21 years working hard day and night, who will rule over it after him. Gulguli says their legal heirs will rule over it. As per panditji’s wordings, Shivani saved her and will give their legal heir. He should send invitation to Ardhnareshwarm maharaj. Bhisma says he already sent invitation. Gulguli says then she will celebrate holi in a grand way this time.

Rangeela serves food to poor at a temple. Poojari asks who gave charity. Shivani watches from her balcony. Rangeela says unnamed person, then says a wife. He says whoever has done this charity has weird wishes and those will not be fulfilled. Poojari says with god’s grace, anything can happen.

Mamaji comes out of Rangeela’s house and standing near temple prays god to get him out of this problem and send someone for his help. Guard sees him and shoos him back into house.

Gulguli does Shivani’s aarti and asks her to write child on a flour as it will go to Ardhnareshwar maharaj. She apologizes Shivani for misunderstanding her that she mixed something in Veer’s food and says she can ask anything. Shivani says she wants to get out of this place. Gulguli says it is a one way traffic, nobody can get out of Berahampur once they come in, she can ask something else. Shivani says she wants too meet her mamaji everyday. Guguli says only sarkaar can permit her, she will try to convince him to let her meet mamaji once a week.

At night, Shivani sleep on floor and feels someone is staring at her. She sees veer awake and turns on the other side. She then sees a dog barking on her and jumps on Veer’s bed and thinks Veer is forcing her to get on his bed. Veer laughs and orders dog not to bite Shivani until his order and not let her out of bed.


Ghulaam 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Veer asks Shivani whose aarti she wants to do. Shivani says Bholenath’s. Veer reminisces forcing Rangeela that he is his god says she should do his aarti. Shivani says when it is regarding god, she will not compromise.

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