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Haasil 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Gaurav Gets Killed, Inspector Doubts Kabir


Haasil 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 13th December 2017 Episode start With Rupali teases Aanchal and says you will leave in 10 mins and asks her not to enter kitchen. Aanchal asks what you are saying? Rupali says it is written in your kundali. Aanchal sees the milk boiling and coming out, she switches off gas. Rupali says it is inauspicious. Aanchal says Maa…and says you had objection with Kabir and my love. Rupali says it is your decision, but I don’t want you to believe on kundali.

Ranvir talks to Inspector. Inspector says there is one lead and tells that the bullet was shot with rifle and says soon they will find out the shooter. Ranvir looks on. Aanchal says I know you are not happy with my decision, and says even she is upset and don’t believe on these things, but Sarika aunty believes on it. She says if anything happens to Kabir because of me then.

Rupali says when your father left us, I would have cried on my destiny, but I had small children and had to fought with destiny. Aanchal says she wants to write her own destiny. Kabir calls Aanchal. She says Kabir. Kabir says finally you remember me. Aanchal cries and says she can’t take risk with his life. Kabir says you are my life who is crying now. Aanchal asks him to sleep. Kabir asks her to promise and come to meet him. He says I need you, if you don’t come then I will tell all night, Aanchal I love you. Aanchal says I will come and promises him. He asks her to say I love you. Aanchal says I love you too.

Sarika recalls Gaurav’s threat and decides to kill him. Inspector tells Ranvir that his doubt was right, the gun was bought by Gaurav. Ranvir says I want him. Kabir hears him and calls his goon asking to search Gaurav before Police could find it.

Kabir comes to Gaurav and beats him. Nurse finds him missing on the hospital bed. Kabir is about to shoot him and says this is for Aanchal. Gaurav escapes. Sarika comes there.

Nurse informs that Kabir is not in his ward. Jatin gets tensed. Kabir catches Gaurav. Gaurav says sorry. Kabir points gun on his head and says this is for Aanchal, whom you tried to kill. Ranvir finds blood on the wall. Inspector finds the spinner which Kabir used to spin. Kabir comes back to hospital with blood stains on his shirt coming from his bullet wound. Aanchal asks where did you go? Kabir says he went to fulfill his promise. She gets scared. Nurse asks him to take off his shirt and says she will bandage his wound. Inspector comes and asks where were you, 1 hour ago? Kabir says I went to take coffee.

Inspector says did you know that Gaurav is dead and shows the spinner. Kabir is shocked. Aanchal says you can’t accuse him because of this spinner. Inspector says this spinner is of Kabir. Kabir says this spinner is mine and I was there right then. Aanchal asks him to be quiet and says you need lawyer. Kabir says my lawyer is infront of me. He tells that he went there, beaten up Gaurav badly. He tells that he told Gaurav that Aanchal don’t want him to shoot anyone and leaves him with a warning to forget Aanchal. He says I didn’t kill him.


Haasil 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabir asks Ranvir what does he wants? Ranvir says he wants Aanchal and proposes her for marriage.

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