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Haasil 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Proposes Aanchal For Marriage


Haasil 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Kabir swears on Aanchal that he didn’t kill Gaurav and asks Inspector to check his pistol. Inspector says you have to come with us for questioning. Aanchal says you can’t take him, he is a patient. Inspector says seeing his condition, it seems he is fine. Ranvir comes and says if he has anticipatory bail then you can’t take him anywhere. Lawyer gives the bail papers.

Ranvir tells that he is sure that Kabir is innocent else he would have brought him to police station. Kabir thanks him. Ranvir tells that his spinner was found in Gaurav’s palm and tells that he don’t need Sherlok Homes to solve the case. Naina calls Sarika and asks about Gaurav murder case. Sarika asks her to just concentrate on her wedding with Kabir, and says she won’t let Aanchal marry him. Kabir tells Ranvir that he is innocent.

Ranvir says he is worried for him. Kabir says if truth is with me then I shall not be afraid. Ranvir goes to meet lawyer.Aanchal comes. He makes her sit. Aanchal asks him why did he go there, and says if Gaurav had done something to you then. Kabir says I went there as I love you, and says I didn’t kill him because of you. He asks her to go away from his life if she wants to, but nobody can stop him from loving her. Aanchal says it is useless to talk to you.

Kabir asks him to just love him and thinks he can bend down for love,. But not infront of love. Sarika comes there and tells Aanchal that today you have proved that promises are made to be broken and asks why did you break it, do you have any helplessness or money. Aanchal says my helplessness is my love for Kabir, I will not marry him. It was written in my kundali that my first husband will die, but that doesn’t mean that I will not meet him. Sarika says if you don’t marry then he will also not marry. She asks her to convince Kabir to marry someone else.

Aanchal says I will do this for you and asks if she is happy. Sarika says she will be happy when Kabir marries. Ranvir hears them. Aanchal goes. Ranvir tells Sarika that the business is costly. Ranvir asks Aanchal where is she going? Aanchal asks him to let her go. She says she told Rupali if she is destined to meet kabir then she will, but now she has to sacrifice for love. Ranvir says sacrifice is love and says love is trust also that nobody can stop you both from getting together, trust is that your love will be with you for forever. He says I am sure that you will not accept defeat. Aanchal sits in her car. Ranvir feels pain in her head and faints. Aanchal sees him falling down and rushes out to help him.

Doctor says to Ranvir, you have brain tumor. Sarika asks him to treat him and says they will give anything. Ranvir asks how much time is left for me? Doctor says 3 months. Ranvir goes in lift. Kabir cries falling down on floor. Aanchal is shocked too. Sarika cries. Ranvir comes back and hugs kabir. Jatin consoles Sarika. Aanchal goes.

Later jatin talks to Doctor and talks about reports. Aanchal and Kabir also talk to some doctors for treatment. Ranvir says I don’t want specialist or doctors. He tells Jatin that since he became matured, he handled the business and didn’t ask anything. He says I am afraid I might not ask for my last wish from you all, I want to be happy. Kabir asks what do you want, tell me. I will bring all the world on your feet. Ranvir says I want Aanchal. Everyone is shocked. Aanchal is shocked too. Ranvir proposes Aanchal for marriage.


Haasil 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranvir tells that they shall take advantage of his illness and he will marry Aanchal so that her kundali yog ends with his death. He asks Aanchal to agree.

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