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Haasil 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Tries To Convince Aanchal For Marriage


Haasil 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 15th December 2017 Episode start With Ranvir proposes Anchal for marriage. Aanchal asks what is this joke? Ranvir says I wish this would have been a joke and says Maa have a problem with Kabir and your relation. Sarika asks if he has gone mad? Ranvir says my death can give you a life. Kabir says he don’t want a life which will give death to his brother.

Ranvir asks him to agree. Jatin says it is a marriage and not a game. Ranvir says not marriage, but a formality, Aanchal’s kundali needs her husband, if I have to die, then we shall take advantage of my death and says may be all universe is trying to unite Kabir and Aanchal through him. Aanchal goes. Kabir asks Aanchal not to feel bad of Ranvir and says even now he is thinking about us. Aanchal says I know and tells that Ranvir didn’t try to find the treatment for his illness and accepted defeat easily. She says she will find treatment for his illness.

Ranvir asks Sarika if she is angry. Sarika says there is a love behind mum’s anger also, and says you gave me pain. She says you will never understand how it feels when a son talks about his death. Ranvir says I am talking about your son’s happiness. Sarika asks aren’t you my son? Ranvir says I am your best son and wants happiness for Kabir.

Kabir and Aanchal meets Doctor. Doctor says he had suggested surgery for him, but there is just 2 percent chances. He says Ranvir has just 3 months left. Kabir breaks down. Aanchal pacifies him. Jatin asks Ranvir what he is doing? Ranvir says I don’t want to be trap just in pic and says his happiness will be seen when Kabir and Aanchal unites and then he will feel that he has got life. Kabir comes to Aanchal’s house. Rupali says you shall be with your family now. Kabir says I can’t look in Ranvir’s eyes. Rupali asks him to forget his pain and understand Ranvir’s pain. Ranvir comes there and says he is not his. He tells that today my brother have to prove that I am his brother, and have to think about himself and not me. He tells Aanchal that he will show her something which nobody did till now. Kabir asks him not to do this.

Ranvir brings Aanchal to the old ashram and says this is where Ranvir Raichand story have started. He says people used to say that my mum left me here.

He tells that he used to wait near the tree thinking someone will come, but…this was my home for 10 years, and then a way was opened infront of me and light sat with me. Sarika and jatin adopt him. Kabir calls him bade from since then and takes him to play. He says an orphaned boy got a life that day, and was made Raichand. He says they never differentiated between Kabir and him.

Ranvir asks Kabir to let him marry Aanchal so that he can help them unite. He tells Aanchal that Kabir will listen to you only.
Sarika comes to Guruji and asks him to save Ranvir and asks him to buy God to get his life.. Guru ji asks what you are saying and says there is no such money which can buy God.

Aanchal is tensed. Ranvir says 3 months, I can’t see you people seeing me dying and says he will kill himself now itself. He shoots, but Aanchal makes the gun shot in air. Ranvir asks him to agree. She thinks about his words and gets thinking.

Sarika tells Jatin that Ranvir will be fine after the puja as Guru ji said. Jatin says but. Sarika says he will be fine. Ranvir comes and says Aanchal agreed for marriage, I got my happiness. Kabir and Aanchal looks on.


Haasil 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal tells Ranvir and Kabir that Aman was caught as he was checking Ranvir documents and he has a doubt that he is lying. Ranvir asks Aman if he told someone.

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