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Haasil 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Feigns Death To Marry Aanchal


Haasil 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 18th December 2017 Episode Start With Ranvir tells Sarika that he couldn’t fulfill the promise which he made to them that he will never let tears come in their eyes, and that’s why he wants to fulfill his other promise made to Kabir. He says it was his dream to marry Aanchal for Kabir and asks her to agree. Sarika says I understand your every move and says you are trying to convince me, but I will never be happy and says whenever she will see Aanchal, she will hold her responsible for his death. She says although you all have accepted this, but I will find the treatment for this disease.

Aman tells Aanchal that Raichand is making fun of their lives and says he is worried for her. Aanchal tells that Ranvir wants to unite her with Kabir and he is the guest for some days. Aman tells her that Ranvir is feigning death and says they are playing with you. Aanchal tells him that the marriage will happen. Later Sarika talks to doctor and asks him to find alternate medicine for Ranvir. Aman comes there and gets some papers from hospital. Sarika picks it up and gives papers to him and don’t see his face.

Kabir tells Aanchal that he can’t think of his life without Ranvir. He cries and says he wants to run away, and don’t have the strength to face him. Aanchal asks him to have strength and says she will be her strength. He hugs her. Kabir is thinking how to stop the time. Ranvir comes and asks if he is thinking how to stop the time. Kabir says if you was on my place, then you would have stopped the time. Ranvir says we can’t stop time, but can rewind it. They play cricket like they play in childhood. Ranvir tells him that when the neighbor’s window broke, you called me bade and protected me. They hug.

Ranvir and Kabir come home. Ranvir says they will have party tonight. Kabir gets a call. They come to the Police station. Aanchal says Aman tried to steal hospital data from hospital. Ranvir asks Inspector to leave him and says he will talk to hospital. Kabir gets angry and says my brother never lies. Ranvir asks Aman if he shared this info with anyone. Aman calls Doctor and he tells him that there is no chance of survival, patient will die in 2-3 months. Ranvir says sorry and tells that he shall take his approval and asks if he will be his friend. Aman apologizes for doubting on him.

In the party, Jatin tells Ranvir that he talked to PR team and nobody will talk about his disease. Ranvir says he has to make an important announcement. He tells everyone that he is the guest in this world for some days and thought to give all responsibility, rights and shares to Kabir Raichand. Kabir tells Aanchal that he can’t take care of the responsibility and praises Ranvir. Ranvir turns and looks at them.

Sarika shouts at Servant and asks who has stolen in the house. Ranvir gets angry and says he might have some helplessness. He comes to the thief and gets the ring which he had stolen. Thief asks him to understand his helplessness. Ranvir hurts him and says he has the only right on Aanchal and her things. He asks his assistant to take man to hospital and get money deposited in his account. He plays the mouth organ.


Haasil 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranvir and Aanchal gets married. He thinks he has the habit of getting everything.

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