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Haasil 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Saves Kabir Again!


Haasil 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 1st December 2017 Masked man attacks with knife and injures Ranvir’s stomach. Blood oozes from Ranvir’s stomach and he falls down. Aanchal and Kabir hold him. Kabir then runs behind masked man. Goons surround him. Masked man tries to stab Kabir and goon pushes Kabir from behind towards knife. Ranvir comes running and kicks goons, saving Kabir. They both trash goons. Masked man runs. Kabir runs behind him, catches him and removes his masked.

He is shocked seeing Gaurv and trashes Gaurav royally. Ranvir and Aanchal come and stop him. Gaurav runs away. Ranvir collapses. Kabir and Aanchal rush him to hospital. Doctor treats him. Aanchal and Kabir then bring Ranvir home holding supporting him. Sarika gets worried seeing Ranvir’s condition and takes Ranvir in, angrily looking at Aanchal. Aanchal feels sad. Jatin says she changed Sarika’s thinking. Aanchal asks what. Jatin says now Sarika realized there is someone else also present to share her sons’ love and hopes Aanchal will be perfect bahu for Sarika. Aancal says she wants to be daughter as she is more comfortable being his and Sarika’s daughter. Jatin pampers her and says elders say right, son brings lamp home and daughter is its light. Their discussion continues.

Kabir drops Aanchal in his car. He says now everything is set, he wants to kiss her and takes his lips towards her mouth. She stops him and says he has to wait for a while. Aanchal returns home. Aman says whole Raichand family is mad, now Gaurav showed his colors. Aanchal scolds him. They watch news that Gaurav attacked Ranvir and police is searching him. Mom says Ranvir is a true brother for Kabir and protects him always.

Next morning, Kabir reaches office and sees staff walking with sorry placards. He walks to his cabin. Aanchal apologizes him for doubting him and says she is really sorry by heart, she trust him more now and wants to give her father’s watch. She asks if she can put watch on her wrist. He says no. She asks what. He says he does not want rakhi from her and will wear himself. He removes his watch and wears Aanchal’s father’s watch.

Gaurav speaks to someone from his hiding and says he will wait for next order, Aanchal ruined his life a lot.

Kabir drives car with Aanchal and switches on rock music. Aanchal changes to romantic song. Kabir changes back and says rock music is awesome. She changes back and says he has to change his habit when he is with her. He says he will change everything she does not like, she has trusted him so much by giving her father’s watch. They stop a car seeing a school burning and students and teachers shouting to save the girl stuck inside school between fire. Aanchal tries to jump in to save child. Kabir stops her and says he will call fire brigade. Aanchal says it will be too late, do something. Kabir runs and jumps fire.


Haasil 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabir runs into fire and saves child. Aanchal says if something had happened to her, she would have expressed what is in her heart. He asks what. She says she loves him a lot.

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