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Haasil 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 1st November Episode Start with Aanchal is kidnapped by masking her face. She shouts to leave her, who is it. Kabir removes mask and says ghost…She sees herself on ship and asks why did he bring her here. He says she herself came and throws her phone in water. She shouts to get her back to Mumbai. He says Mubai’s coast is far away and he is going to find truth of Ranvir’s PA to prove Ranvir innocent. He also says 50 lakhs he gave to her NGO, IT department came to know about it and she has to be present there when they raid her NGO. He leaves on his ship while she shouts alone in the middle of ocean.

Sameer then calls his mom and says he is going to meet PA to know truth. PA Meenu runs on road seeing a speeding car following her. A man gets out of car and shoots her. She dies and man carries her phone. Kabir is seen holding gun and driving car. Police reaches at the spot.

Next morning, Raichands call a media. Reporters ask Ranvir they heard PA was murdered, where was he. He says in jail and got bail in the morning. He says he needs to find out why PA alleged rape on him and announces 1 crore to PA’s mother. Aanchal’s mother with Aman barges in and shouts where is her daughter Aanchal, she did not return since last night, what did she do to her. Sarika asks if lying is their family problem. Mother says she came to her home yesterday and warned, she just needs her daughter back. Sarika says she had come to warn them to stop alleging Ranveer wrongly. Aman says his sister is right, that is why Kabir tried to bribe her with 50 lakhs rs. Kabir enters and says because he hates his brother and wanted to help who is proving his brother wrong. He continues he must have got receipt or if he gave cash, then huge cash transaction is illegal, especially for NGO. Mother asks where is her daughter. He says where her soul is, near money. He warns them to get out and stop their lies. They both walk away.

Sarika rushes to police station and says PA was murdered and Kabeer did it. Inspector says they know who did what, right now she is being arrested for stacking unaccounted 50 lakhs in her NGO. Behind bars, Aanchal continues Kabir left her in the middle of ocean and left to kill PA. Inspector asks to stop lying.

Kabir and Ranvir have a chat. Kabir says he did not sleep whole night and was tensed thinking how to prove his innocence. Ranvir asks why did he kill PA. Kabir asks if he is doubting him and pulling out gun asks to shoot him. Ranveer points gun, then drops it down. Kabir insists again. Ranvir sees no bullets in it. Kabir laughs and asks if he does not trust his brother. Ranvir says they need to find out who is behind all this. Kabir says only NGO aunty can tell them.

Aanchal’s mother and brother reach police station to meet her. Mom asks Aanchal not to worry she will hire lawyer and bail her out today, she broke FDs. Aman says today is Friday and court does not work on Saturda and Sunday, so didi’s bail cannot happen. Mom scolds him. They discuss about Kabir and Ranvir and their hatred for them. Aanchal says she can live in jail remembering Kabir’s face. Inspector says her emergency bail is approved. Aanchal asks who bailed her.


Haasil 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal checks CCTV cameras and records and says Meenu’s murder was done by Ranvir and not Kabir. Inspector arrests Ranvir and says till murder mystery is solved, he has to be in jail.

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