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Haasil 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Proves Kabir Incompetent Infront Of Aanchal


Haasil 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Ranvir thanks Sarika for doing the rituals. Kabir gets upset and goes. Aanchal calls his name. Ranvir asks her to let him go and face the pain. He asks why she is making upset face and asks if she thinks he mastermind everything to bring her to room. If she is worried about the wedding night. Aanchal says no. Ranvir says he is shifting to guest room. Aanchal thanks him. He thinks welcome to my house, Mrs. Ranvir Raichand, you are wish of my morning and night. He acts crazily looking at her pics and says once you knock on my heart, nobody can separate us. He looks at her pics all around in the room and says I love you Aanchal.

Naina tells Mohit why did Ranvir marry Aanchal and why Kabir haven’t objected. She says they might be hiding something and we have to get the price for hiding the truth.Aanchal gets the message and reads it. Kabir asks how dare the sender to send this message. Aanchal says she is not bothered about anyone as she knows her trust. She says after Gaurav’s death, I thought nobody will come between Kabir and me and says it seems Gaurav was working for someone. Kabir says he will track the number. Ranvir says he will track the number and says this game is his. Jatin thanks Aanchal and says the troubles help us get ready for tomorrow. He says I haven’t seen any girl like you, but says I have seen actually years back and says Sarika. He says both Kabir and Ranvir are not her own children. Aanchal is shocked.

Jatin tells that Kabir is born from his first wife Usha. After her death, he decided not to remarry, but then Sarika came in his life. Later when they went to orphanage and adopted Ranvir. He says Sarika is not bad at heart. Aanchal promises him that she will win her heart. Later she is going to NGO, but Ranvir stops her and says you have many responsibilities in office. He says he will make her board of director. Kabir comes there. Aanchal says you said I am boss and tells Kabir that he shall not be late again.

Aanchal comes to room. Sarika asks her not to come to her room again. Aanchal says she knows about her sacrifices for Ranvir and Kabir. Sarika says she don’t want to hear her nonsense. Aanchal says she will win her.

In the office, Ranvir asks everyone to welcome Kabir as CEO. Nobody claps, Ranvir claps so they clap and gossip that Kabir will make the company taste dust and he is not competent to run the company. Kabir gets angry and asked who said this. Aanchal asks him not to act childish. Ranvir asks Aanchal to give him sometime and thinks I let you love you as my reflection was on him. Now you will dislike him. Aanchal comes to Kabir and asks about his irresponsible behavior. Kabir promises her that he will prove them wrong. Aanchal says I love you..kabir. Kabir says I love you too….He sees something in her hand and says he can’t accept this marriage and it reminds him of Ranvir’s illness. Aanchal asks him to get ready for first board meeting. The member of board asks Ranvir why he made Kabir as CEO. Ranvir says Kabir is CEO now and will give presentation. Kabir gives the presentation. Mr. Shah questions him about business and tells Kabir that it seems his training is not over yet. He asks him to have coffee in coffee shop till the elders talk. Kabir gets angry and beats him. Mr. Shah cancels the deal. Ranvir recalls bribing Mr. Shah and giving him 200 crores to humiliate Kabir in office.


Haasil 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor declares Naina pregnant. Aanchal asks Kabir to marry her and gives his hand in Naina’s hand.

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