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Haasil 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Tries To Trap Aanchal In His Love


Haasil 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Doctor tells Kabir that the baby in the scan is his baby. Kabir gets shocked and leave. Ranvir recalls threatening Dr. Sahni through Rohan. Rohan threatens to kill his son. Sahni lies to Kabir. Naina smirks. Aanchal tells Kabir that Naina is pregnant. Kabir says that baby is not mine and says we shall do DNA test. Aanchal says DNA test is not possible of newly conceived baby and asks him to marry her. Kabir agrees to marry Naina and says he will get the test done when it is possible and then he will marry her (aanchal). Aanchal thinks your past came in between us. Ranvir tells Aanchal that he thought to give his name to Kabir’s baby. Aanchal says you have always protected him and says I can never get Kabir. Ranvir asks her to think. Aanchal says even you can’t defeat luck. She goes. Ranvir says destiny dances on my tune.

Kabir comes to Raj Guru. Raj Guru gets tensed. Kabir says there is something new this time and asks him to help him.

Sarika says Naina’s respect is our respect. Kabir says I will marry her and says he brought Raj Guru here. Ranvir says only your wish will be fulfilled and says nothing will happen if you scare him. Kabir says today there is a test. Raj Guru says Kabir and Naina’s relation is auspicious and the alliance shall be fixed this month. Aanchal is about to go. Kabir tells her that he is marrying naina for her and asks her to congratulates her. He tells Naina that he is very happy and thinks he said yes so that he gets time to prove Naina’s lie. Rohan says Kabir have to forget Aanchal and accept Naina. Ranvir closes the car door with Rohan’s hand stuck and says Kabir have to forget Aanchal as she is just mine. Naina and Rohan get worried. Ranvir gets Aanchal’s call. Rohan takes his hand. Naina says this man has crossed all limits of madness. Rohan says he has gone mad fully.

Ranvir comes to her and says you can’t go anywhere and says a husband is saying this. He then says that she needs friend. Aanchal says she can’t see Kabir getting engaged to Naina.

Aanchal says she wants his permission to go home. Ranvir says you don’t need my permission and says you sent me to jail, and I couldn’t anything. He says I married you and will die too. He says sorry and says I couldn’t change our destiny and says he will drop her home. Aanchal cries. Ranvir sees his reflection laughing on him and saying Aanchal is going and you can’t stop her. Ranvir acts to feel pain and falls down. Doctor comes, checks him and asks them not to make him stressed. Sarika asks him to say what he wants. Ranvir says sorry and says I couldn’t do anything for Kabir and Aanchal. Jatin asks Aanchal if she has done packing. He asks her to give reason to Ranvir to live and says he always live for others and not for himself. He says whenever he is with you, he feels happiness in your happiness.

Kabir tries to de stress Ranvir. Ranvir laughs. Aanchal comes back to room and says she is not going anywhere. She tells Ranvir that even she shall get a chance to fulfill her duties, and says this bag is for you. She holds his hand and asks him to come to room. Kabir is shocked. Aanchal says we can’t love, but can be friends. She tells Kabir that they can be friends. Kabir says I have done much friendship, now there is no place for friendship. Aanchal is about to go, but Ranvir holds her hand. He asks her to let kabir go. He thinks you are in my destiny and I am in your destiny.


Haasil 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal tells Kabir that Ranvir loves her since the beginning. Kabir accuses himself for snatching his brother’s love, just then a truck hits him. Aanchal shouts.

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