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Haasil 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ranvir Gets Intimate With Aanchal


Haasil 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 28th December 2017 Episode Start With Ranvir comes closer to Aanchal as she is sleeping. Aanchal wakes up and says Ranvir. Ranvir says he is not getting sleep and thought to read her book. Aanchal asks him to rest. Kabir recalls Aanchal promising Naina that Kabir will marry her and give name to her baby. He breaks the glass and chandelier and walks on the glass thinking about Aanchal. Aanchal comes there and tries to stop him. Kabir pushes her. Candle flame catches his shirt and his gets the burn. Kabir asks her not to show love when she has broken relation with him. Aanchal applies ointment on her wound and says you have to marry for that baby. Kabir pushes her and asks her to get out. Ranvir recalls seeing them closer and thinks you came closer to my wife, I am her husband and I have to get closer to her. He pretends to fell in water.

Aanchal hears the voice and goes to help him. He starts the shower and gets intimate with her. He hugs her and kisses on her shoulder. Aanchal pushes him shockingly and asks what he was doing. She says I am your friend and you have crossed all limits of friendship.

Ranvir acts and tells her that he always loved her. Aanchal goes out. He tells her that he couldn’t tell her that he loves her as she loves kabir. He says I couldn’t see the truth and that’s why made it lie, then God gave me brain tumour. He says he thought to give Kabir’s love to him. He says he wants to be small part of her life, but what he did. Aanchal asks what I shall do. Ranvir asks her to let the secret go with him and asks her not to tell anyone, let this lie be lie for everyone. He thinks he can bear the tears to get her, laughs.

Kabir asks Aanchal what she is hiding from him. Aanchal says I don’t know what to do. Kabir asks her to trust him. Aanchal says Ranvir loves me from the beginning and sacrifice his love for us, we couldn’t understand him. Kabir says Bade used to love you, I have snatched my brother’s love, this is wrong. He goes back in hotel and a truck hits him. It turns out to be Aanchal’s imagination. Rupali comes and asks why you are shouting. Aanchal says nothing and goes. She thinks Kabir can’t understand this.

Lawyer tells that he will get court date for marriage. Sarika asks what is this madness. Kabir says this is Naina’s idea. She told me that we shall do court marriage as everyone knows about his relation with Aanchal. Aanchal comes there. Kabir asks naina if she is happy. He tells Sarika that Rohan and you will be the witness from Naina’s side, and Aanchal and Ranvir will be the witness from his side. Aanchal and Naina drive their cars. He stops the car before her car. Aanchal asks if he wants to kill her. Kabir says I would have killed both of us, but I don’t have the right. He says you never loved me. Aanchal asks what is the proof of love. Kabir gets closer for a kiss. Aanchal closes her eyes.


Haasil 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal tells Ranvir that she don’t love Kabir as he proposed her, but because he is her obsession. Ranvir looks on angry. David calls Naina. Kabir says lets see what Naina will do now.

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