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Haasil 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 2nd November 2017 Episode start With Inspector informs Aanchal that she has can go. Aanchal asks how. Inspector says she got emergency bail. Aanchal asks who gave her bail. At Raichand house, Babji tells Ranvir Butterfirm company wants to cancel their deal. Ranvir says their share prices have fallen and they should cancel this deal. Babji says they will incur huge losses. Ranvir asks to tell Butterfirm to double their deal price to 4000 crores from 2000 crores, 2000 crores for cleaning. Maid informs Aanchal has come to meet. Ranvir asks to make them sit. Aanchal walks in with mom and Aman. Mom says she had bought similar show piece from chor bazaar, she did not know Raichands also buy from chor bazaar. Ranvir comes down. Aanchal throws bail papers on her and asks why did he help her. He says because Kabir was wrong, even she is wrong, so he cannot ward off wrong by wrong and has to use good. She says goodness does not suit him. Ranvir says if she changes her thinking, she will see truth.

Aanchal returns home and while watching TV show with her brother gets an idea and rushes to Meenu’s murder spot to find clue. Aman says police must have already taken clues and she has gone mad seeing TV serials. Aanchal remembers Ranvir’s words to change thinking to find truth and sees Cafteria’s CCTV camera on opposite lane. She says Aman is very genius and runs near cafeteria and asks Aman if he wants to have coffee. She picks stone and breaks glass door and enters in. Police reaches there. She checks CCTV camera and sees a man resembling Ranvir getting out of his car and shooting Meenu. She says Kabir was right, he did not kill Meenu and it is Ranvir instead and now police will prove she did not get time to fabricate footage. She uploads footage in social media. Police arrests them.

Next morning, people see CCTV footage and reporters discuss that Aanchal uploaded video where Ranvir is shooting Meenu and Aanchal did not have time to fabricate it. Commissioner meets Raichands and says he has to arrest Ranvir till this case is solved. Sarika scolds if he wants to be transferred to a remote area. Kabir warns commissioner next and asks how much money he needs. Ranvir stops him and says let the truth come out and says commissioner he will come along. He asks Kabir to find out truth, hugs him and leaves. He walks towards police jeep with police while reports throng him and ask how did he get out of jail and kill Meenu and if he did not, who is real murderer. He gets into police care and leaves.

Reporters throng outside Aanchal’s house and discuss Ranvir’s case has taken a new turn and Aanchal can put a light on it. Aanchal watches from window. Mom angrily brings frying pan. Aanchal says her family is ready to fight with Raichands. Aman says if she permits, he will. She asks him to go and study first. Once he leaves, Aanchal asks mom if she is worried. Mom says obviously as Raichands are so big and we are just like an ant for them, but her fear should not deter Aanchal’s determination. Aanchal says her encouragement gives her determinatrion and hugs her emotionally. Power goes off.

Sarika switches off city’s power. Babji/Jatin requests her to retain it as CM has called already and his company is at stake. Sarika says let city be in dark until her son is freed. Babji says Ranvir himself chose jail. Sarika says his goodness is getting him into trouble. She revives power and says it is just 10 minute outage, if her son does not come home, she will make the whole city dark until her son is out.

Aanchal meets Ranvir in police station and says her mom sent special thank you dabba, it is bland and mom told to get habituated to it in jail. Ranvir smiles and asks if she is sure he murdered PA. She says they can do anything, outage city’s power, leave a girl in the middle of ocean, rape a girl and murder her; if he thinks she can be bought for 50 lakhs, he is wrong, her worth is truth. She says he will be jailed tomorrow. Ranvir says they see what they want to see, so she did not see truth in his eyes and he will be out of jail tomorrow. She says he will be jailed tomorrow. Ranvir says she will see truth tomorrow.


Haasil 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal shows murder clip to judge and says Ranvir killed her. Kabir says bhai did not killed Meenu and someone else killed, pointing at a man.

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